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Everything You Need To Know About Keeping Your Bangs On Point

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Bangs have a way of looking quite cool and effortless when you see them on other people. As soon as you go ahead and get some for yourself, the problems start to surface. A highly temperamental hairstyle, you really need to have the patience and, to some extent, a certain kind of hair texture to pull of the look like a #GirlBoss.


Don’t worry, we know just what you need — here are a few tips to keep you ‘banged’ and beautiful at all times.

It Starts With Your Skincare Routine

Since your bangs lie mainly on your forehead, it’s important to make sure it doesn’t get oily. An oily forehead automatically means oily bangs. What you can do is use an oil-free face wash and a light moisturiser on your forehead at least, if not your whole face.


Never Leave Home With Wet Bangs

This is another recipe for disaster. Unless your hair is silky smooth and straight, don’t expect your bangs to automatically dry into shape. The wavier your hair, the more ridiculous your bangs will look once they’ve dried naturally.


You’ll Definitely Need A Blowdryer

The best way to shape your bangs is with a blow-dryer and a round brush. Point the dryer facing downwards and keep the brush on the underside of the bangs, and rotate it as you dry. If you’re not comfortable with a blow-dryer, a hair iron will work just as well. Make sure your hair is dry before you use it.


Go Easy On The Products

You might use a dime-sized drop of frizz-ease on your hair before drying and a bunch of other products too. But bangs tend to get oily faster than the rest of your hair, so go easy on the amount of products you use on it. Hairspray won’t make it oily, but spraying on too much might make it stiff and you don’t want that!


When Your Bangs Grow Out

If you’ve dealt with all this and you’re still up for the commitment of getting bangs, you’ll realise that they grow out faster than you’d expect. You can definitely keep trimming them, but try not to do it yourself at home! If you think you’ve had enough, just swipe them to the side to make side bangs — they’re so much easier to manage!



P.S. If you’re too chicken to make the cut, you could totally try extensions! BBlunt even has a great option:

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