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Here’s How To Go Platinum Blonde Like Kylie Jenner

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A little while ago, Kylie Jenner shocked everyone by going platinum blonde. No, it wasn’t one of her many wigs, she actually went ahead and got the whole treatment done. Of course, we thought she’d pull a Kim Kardashian and go back to normal in less than a week, but last I checked, she’s still very, very blonde.

So blonde that we decided to go and speak to a hairstylist and ask her what exactly goes into the process of colouring your hair platinum blonde. Vrinda Makhija is a Senior Stylist at Kromakay, Bandra, and she had all the answers.

On The Process

As it turns out, since Indian hair is quite dark, it needs to be bleached properly (sometimes twice) to lift all the colour. Since it’s a super-strong product, the bleach needs to be tested beforehand to see if it irritates the scalp in any way. A good stylist will use a professional, scalp-friendly bleach and even mix in some Olaplex treatment to combat any further hair damage.

Once that’s done, a good ashy or pearl blonde toner is applied to the hair — that’s the colour.

While a deep conditioning treatment is recommended post the whole process, sometimes your hair may absorb¬†the protein in the conditioner, which lands up changing the colour of your hair. It’s best to let your stylist take that call.

On How Long It Takes

On the whole, depending on your hair length, the process takes a good 3 Р4 hours to do.

On What Kind Of Hair It’s Good To Try On

Going platinum blond isn’t possible on treated hair. So if you’ve chemically straightened or permed your hair, it’s not possible to go so light, simply because you don’t want it all to fall out. Virgin hair is preferred, but it’s also doable if your hair has been previously coloured. As long as you take really good care of it, you should be¬†fine.

On How You Take Care Of It

It’s important to get regular Olaplex treatments, because that’s the only thing that protects the hair and repairs all the damage. It works only on the cortex level, so you need something to smoothen your hair from the cuticle, for which K√©rastase rituals are advised.

On How Often It Needs To Be Retouched

To keep the colour, it needs to be touched up every 2 -3 months at the most.

On Whats Products To Use

Once your hair is coloured, you need the right home-care products. L’Or√©al Professionnel’s Silver Shampoo is your best option. She advises against coloured shampoos as those might change the colour of your hair. So only cream coloured or gel shampoos are allowed on platinum blonde locks. Apart from that, you hair needs a lot of conditioning. K√©rastase’s Masquintense is a great product to use.

Vrinda also advises against oiling your hair, as that too can¬†change¬†the colour. You’d rather get a regular hair ritual at the salon to keep it looking fantastic.

The entire process costs anywhere between Rs 8,000 and Rs 15,000, depending on the length of your hair. And that’s without all the extra treatments post the colour. So if you’re really into it, let us tell you,¬†platinum blonde doesn’t come cheap!

But how does one resist when the end result is THIS good?


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