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The High-Tech New Way Zahra Is Applying Her Foundation

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If there’s one thing all beauty enthusiasts know, it’s that the less you see of your foundation, the better. The more your base looks like “your skin but better”, the easier it is to fake the fact that you’re actually wearing makeup. The no-makeup makeup look has never been more popular, and thanks to a whole range of advanced foundation formulas available today, it’s totally possible to look like you’re wearing nothing at all.

Among the new high-tech innovations are built-in cushion sponges that create what’s akin to an invisible veil of makeup, leaving your face looking all natural and nontoured. And if you’re a fan of cushion compacts, you’re going to love Estée Lauder’s new Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick Radiant Makeup.

Fortified with hydrating plant extracts and minerals, the brand’s cult favourite Double Wear formula now comes in a handy stick version for on-the-go touchups. The key difference is that this formula is more lightweight and dewy in comparison, offering sheer to medium coverage for girls who like fast and fuss-free foundation application.



Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick Radiant Makeup


Superbly colour-matched (17 shades) and instantly hydrating, all you have to do is twist the base of the stick to release the foundation. And the best part is that unlike other twist-to-release formulations, you can actually twist the base back if too much product comes out. It’s super simple to use too: just dot the foundation on your face from the sponge, then buff and blend till it disappears into your skin, giving you an even, nude, and glowing finish. When the sponge has gotten a little too dirty or saturated with product, you can easily twist out the sponge unit and wash it out.

I think Estée Lauder’s new foundation stick is a real beauty hero and here’s why: it’s got all the smooth, silky consistency of a liquid foundation but none of the mess. Just toss the stick in your bag and apply it on the commute to work — no makeup brushes or beauty blenders needed. Whether you’re a makeup wearer or not, all of us want a complexion that’s naturally glowing and even. But failing that, I’ve found the perfect product to help you fake it. It’s the secret to my new short-cut beauty routine. (Shhhhh!)

SHOP NOW: Estée Lauder Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick Radiant Makeup (Rs 3,500)*
* Available at Estée Lauder stores across the country.


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