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Zahra’s White Nail Polish Is PERFECT For A Summer Mani

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White nail polish for summer? How original. No, but seriously, if there’s anything fresher than a perfectly crisp white manicure in the hotter months, I’ll eat my own words. But like any manicure maven knows, it’s harder to get right than most other nail colours. The trick to finding a good white is to look for one that’s opaque rather than sheer, but it’s hard to figure that out if you’re just going by how it looks in the bottle.

Luckily for you, I’ve tested out so many white polishes that I think I’m something of an expert on white polish now! Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating slightly, but I do have a favourite white that I’ve found after many trials (and tribulations!).

Before I say anything more, I must admit that Essie is one of my most favourite nail polish brands ever. The sheer range of gorgeous colours is what sold me on a fateful trip abroad many years ago, and ever since I’ve always asked friends travelling to America to buy me bottles in bulk! That’s not to say that brands like OPI, L’Orèal and Lakmé aren’t great — because they are — but show me a bottle of Essie and I’ll probably look at you in a different (more adoring) light.


Essie Blanc Nail Polish_Inpost_Hauterfly

Essie Blanc Nail Polish

Which brings me to Blanc — my favourite white nail polish from… you guessed it… Essie. It’s an incredibly stark white that flatters all skin tones. Trust me. Try it out and you’ll know what I mean. (While it’s a no-brainer that light shades look great on dark skin, my tone is pale and this polish looks great even on my pasty complexion!) Just two coats and you’ll have the perfectly opaque white. No chalky look, perfectly smooth lacquer, and pure snowy white hue. It looks so crisp and chic that I often catch myself staring at my hands after a freshly done manicure.

The short, thin brush makes its super easy to avoid the cuticles so you’ll get a perfectly neat manicure if you have a steady hand. I’d advise you to keep your nails short when you get this mani, simply because long, almond-shaped talons aren’t practical or particularly hot. Unless you’re Kylie Jenner. For a classy, more modern look, do this on short, “squoval” nails and you’ll be staring at your hands in adoration as much as me. I’ve actually gone through at least 5 bottles of this over the years, and it’s become my go-to white for this very reason.

Did someone say white hot? You bet!

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