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A Coffee Scrub For Cellulite? Yes Please!

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Cellulite is one of those beauty woes that plagues literally everyone. I once read an article by a masseuse to the stars who claimed that even the supermodels she worked on had visible amounts of cellulite, so don’t even try to deny it. The worst part is, as you get older, it really doesn’t get better. But that doesn’t mean that I’m ready to give up on trying to zap away those little patches of cottage cheese, one at a time!

A few weeks ago, I laid hands on a product that promises to reduce the appearance of cellulite while detanning and energising the skin’s protective layer. Of course, I decided to give it a shot. I’m talking about Ellement Co.’s Exfoliate: Pure Organic Coffee Scrub.

The little tub comes packed with a rich brown, coarse-looking scrub, made with a unique blend of coffee, hemp oil and sea salt. One whiff of the product landed me in coffee paradise!


Ellement Co. Exfoliate: Pure Organic Coffee Scrub

I used the product for the first time just before having a shower, and, quite frankly, wasn’t sure what to expect. The instructions advised me to apply the scrub in circular motions for 30 to 45 seconds on the desired areas, and I obediently followed.

Much like its appearance, the scrub felt coarse against my thighs and I was pretty sure it would effectively slough away all the dead cells from my skin. What I was worried about though, was that it would leave my skin feeling dry and parched.

Well, turns out, after washing the scrub off, my skin was smooth, supple and thoroughly moisturised. Shocker! Needless to say, I was super pleased with the results. Apart from the fact that my skin looked so much healthier, I also noticed a soft glow, which is completely new for me since I rarely ever use body care products.

As for the cellulite, I can’t say that I saw a difference in the first few uses, but I’m sure a product like this requires a little time to show results. Honestly, I’m willing to wait.

P.S. Things can get a little messy in the bathroom with this product, but it’s definitely not a deal breaker!

SHOP NOW: Ellement Co. Exfoliate: Pure Organic Coffee Scrub (Rs 1,100)


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