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3 Easy Summer Hairstyles To Keep You Cool In This Heat

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It is HOT outside. Yes, it’s started to rain a little bit, but the heat is still going super strong and right now, I’d like to sit in an air-conditioned room at all times, preferably naked. Of course, I can’t sit here all day, and at some point, everyone needs to get out. Duty calls, and all that.

While you can wear clothes to keep you airy at all times, leaving your hair down in this heat is just impossible. Just the thought of my hair sticking to the back of my neck with sweat gives me the creeps. So yes, I keep mine (even though it’s quite short) tied as high as it can possibly go.

But as they say, it’s all about that variety, so here are a few hairstyles to keep you looking great and feeling cool (literally) in this heat.


1. Pia’s Short Lob Updo

Going out at night in the summer has become quite painful. Firstly, you have to dress up and it’s generally the time of day when you let your hair down. But since that isn’t really an option with the kind of temperatures we live in, this is a great style.

While Pia’s hair is short, the style is definitely possible with longer hair, too — in fact, it’s easier. Just make sure you spray everything in place once you’re done, and remember, those loose strands of hair make the look, so try not to be too neat about it.


2. Shalini’s Easy Ponytails

The easiest way to keep your hair up would be with a ponytail. Remember the super cool one we showed you earlier this month? You can now go ahead and add these 3 to the list as well.

These work well for school, college, to work, and even for a night out. Accessorise with some fun headbands and pins, and they could look different every time.


3. My Own Donut-Free Updo

If you look at this, it looks like I’ve used a hair donut to create the bun. But my hair is so short right now, I really can’t use one. But there is a way to get the same effect and, once you’re done, adding some floral clips to the look is perfect for the season.

You could even put in twists to both sides, if you have time. And it’s a style that works with any kind of parting and hair texture.


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