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3 Easy Hairstyles For The Rainy Season

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Monsoon comes with a bunch of hashtags, lots of fried food cravings, and unfortunately, frizzy hair. I hate leaving my hair open in the monsoon. If you don’t want to leave your hair open and end up looking like a golliwog, we have some options for you. So, give these 3 hairstyles a try, and keep those locks flawless, all day.

The Princess Leia Buns

If your hair keeps getting wet in the rains and does not dry easily, you have got to think of something. The Princess Leia buns or space buns look super pretty, and keep your hair out of the way. Also, once your hair is dry, the hairdo will leave your hair in soft, beachy waves.

Start by making a sharp parting. Now section your hair and make two high pigtails. Braid and twist the two pigtails, and pin them in place.

Braided Low Bun

The Braided Low Bun is something you can wear during the daytime. If you have frizzy hair, you can never go wrong with braids.

Start by sectioning your hair into three low sections. Take the middle section and make a low bun. Now braid the two sections in front, and tuck them around the bun.

Ballerina Bun

The Ballerina Bun is a chic nighttime hairstyle, which also keeps frizzy hair in check.

Start by pulling your hair into a high ponytail. Now split your pony into two sections. Twist the two sections in swirling motion, and wrap them around each other. Tuck the bun into place with a few bob pins. Hairspray all flyaways away.


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