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#Dupesday: This Real Techniques Blender Brush Has A Dupe That Costs Rs 299 Only!

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When you are a hardcore makeup junkie, you tend to have varieties of brushes to use. For the longest time, I would hoard brushes and still not have the perfect ones because there are so many for each part of the face and it’s all so confusing. So I buy a lot of brushes and have no place to keep them. In fact, right now I have more brushes than furniture at my place and that’s why we don’t have guests anymore because hello, there’s no place for them to sit.

Okay fine, I don’t have that many brushes, but you get the point, right? And I still look for more. If I have a brush to blend, then I don’t have a brush to set my powder and so on and so forth. My struggles may seem very vague, but they’re real for sure. No brushes can do everything and that kinda pisses me off ’cause who made so many brushes to confuse us and didn’t just make one that could do it all?

Recently, I wanted a blending brush and I didn’t know which one to choose from. So, I asked for recommendations here and there but it didn’t help me, just got me a very full cart which I didn’t take to the payment page. So, I just went online and did my own little research and found “the” brush. I got Wet N Wild’s Flat Top Brush and I fell in love with it. If I could, I would marry that brush. I bought it on the basis of feedback it had and it was exactly as everyone had said. The best.

But before using the Wet N Wild’s brush, I had used Real Techniques’ Blending Brush which was amazing AF and I lost mine.  Yes, as you can tell, I am very careful. Judge me all you want, but I am only human. And slightly careless. This Real techniques’ blending brush has 2 lengths of bristles. The outer ring has shorter bristles and the the inner ring has dense, slightly longer bristles. I used this one a lot. By a lot, I mean for applying the serum, the primer, the foundation – basically everything.  Yes, you can use a brush to blend in your serum as well. So basically this brush was a multi tasker and you can only imagine that I loved it with my everything, but my clumsy ass went and lost it.

That’s when I found my other love, which was much cheaper and worked just as well. When I first used it to blend my foundation, it blended so evenly I almost felt like I had nothing on my face. Not only was my foundation on point, but also my concealer. And I honestly love how it has spaces for my fingers to perfectly hold it and buff the product on my face. From liquid to powder; this brush blends it all and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a brush that does it all. Because this one does and it’s only for Rs. 299.


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