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3 Office-Friendly Hairstyles You Need To Try, Come Monday

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The office can be quite a dull place sometimes. All work, no play — you know what I’m talking about, right? Waking up on a Monday morning with that feeling of dread never really goes away, at least not if you have a 9-5 job.

But there are definitely a few ways to perk things up a bit. I don’t know about you, but looking forward to lunch is always a fab way to make it through the morning.

Picking out a great outfit to wear to work manages to keep me going, all day long. What can I say — when you look good, you feel good! And if you have a slick hairstyle to match, well, then there’s really no stopping you.

We found 3 hairdos you could try for work. Sure, this means you’ll need to wake up a bit earlier, but hey, it has the power to help you knock everything off your endless to-do list!

Let’s Start With A Slick Ponytail

Melissa Alatorre talks about recreating Priyanka Chopra’s Emmy’s hair, but really, the side-parted ponytail she creates in this video is the perfect look for the office. Bold, neat, and fuss-free, it’s got ‘Boss Babe’ written all over it.

Yes, she does use a whole lot of products to get the look. But you can totally use your favourite holding hairspray to do everything, from taming fly-aways to keeping the ponytail in place all day. P.S. The side twist is optional!

The Easiest Updo You Can Do To Work

Sarah Angius always has great ideas when it comes to her hairdos. Instead of doing your hair up in a boring bun to the office, how about trying a nifty little chignon? It resembles a French roll and, as a hairstyle, it definitely gets full marks.

She doesn’t use any heat to achieve the look and it’s essentially a style that could work on various different hair types. Leave the hairpin out when you’re going to work, and if you have a social engagement after, you can totally add it on!

Two Types Of Braids Are Always Better Than One

Now, don’t get scared when you see this braid, it’s actually a lot simpler to do than it looks! What she’s done is created a fishtail braid, but using the French braid technique. Confused? Watch the video!

The key here is to keep it messy, which is what makes the braid look so luscious and thick. You could always keep it neat, depending on the type of workday you have ahead of you. It’s one of those styles that looks intricate but is totally easy to do in reality. It’s the perfect hairdo for casual Friday at work, don’t you think?


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