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#HauteHack: Here’s How To DIY A Nail Art Dotting Tool!

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Whenever I see a nail art tutorial, it makes me want to grab my bottles of polish and start painting my nails right at my office desk. Very often I’m tempted to buy all the fancy instruments and tools that beauty bloggers use in their tutorials, until better sense prevails and I realise I’m never really going to use them (I’m extremely fidgety, and it’s a miracle if I don’t mess up at least one nail every time I paint them). What’s more, these dotting tools can be kind of pricey, so what’s the point of splurging on something you’re barely even going to use?

If you really want to give funky nail art a go by yourself but are wary of making the investment on all those fancy tools, you’ll be surprised to know that there are actually so many cool things lying around your house that you can use instead! Surprised much? Keep reading.

Dotting tools are really handy when you want to give polka dot nail art a whirl, or when you’re making intricate designs like roses. The nibs are available in a number of sizes so that you can customise them according to your preference. However, did you know that you can use a bobby pin, toothpick, straight pin (often found in sewing kits), or even the nib of an old pen instead of a dotting tool? All of these items are perfectly capable of creating dots of various sizes in your nail art of choice!

For fine dots use a straight pin. It’s difficult to grip it with your bare hands, so stick the pointed end into the eraser end of a pencil and then use it comfortably. Even toothpicks can be used to make fine dots. While using bobby pins, make sure to unbend the bobby pin to create a long straight tool of sorts. Use the bulbous end to make mid-size dots. Also, don’t throw away your ball-point pens once they run out of ink. Use the nib as a dotting tool. Cool, eh?

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