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DIY: Here’s What You Need To Do To Tame That Frizzy Mane

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The unfortunate time has come, when the season hasn’t yet decided whether it wants to stay warm or chilly, dry or humid — it’s times like these when your hair is equally confused about how to behave. You’re either left with limp, stiff, and pretty much dead hair, or you’ve got to deal with an angry mane that just refuses to go down. Your hair straightening won’t stay and your curls won’t hold, and you’re left thinking…why God, why? Now, while putting product in your hair sounds like a good idea at that moment, it doesn’t work out well in the long run. It leaves your hair dry and lifeless, and can also cause pretty bad breakage. So then what? This is when DIY homemade hair masques come in handy — all you need are a couple of ingredients from your kitchen cabinet and you’ll be ready to go! Leaving your hair soft and manageable post the wash, this hair masque will protect those tresses from the confusing temperatures. So hold on to that pair of scissors, we’ve got a better way to tame that crazy mane.

DIY Hair Mask_Hauterfly


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