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5 DIY Manis You Can Rock This Halloween

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I admit it, I’m *the* laziest person ever, when it comes to dressing up for Halloween. Even though the rest of the #HauteSquad is picking out their favourite outfits, makeup looks, decoration ideas, parties, and what not, I’m just sitting here wondering how I can get through this whole shenanigan with the least amount of effort. So, I’ve come up with a very sly and simple solution. First up, I’m going to buy either this bag or this one. Secondly, I’m going to invite my BFF over for a sleepover and deceive her into doing one of these spooktacular Halloween manicures on me.


Pastel Ghosts

This super-duper simple nail art involves strategically placed dots of polish that you swirl and refine. Sounds easy peasy, no? Best part? Nobody will know how little effort the whole look took!


Minimalist Disney Nails

Halloween isn’t only about going all spooky — why not go cute and create a look with your favourite cartoon characters?


Bloody Crime Scene

This one is not for the faint of heart. Featuring a splotchy crime scene on a white background, this one is easy to execute for beginners — the messier you are, the better it looks!


Ghost and Ghouls

Featuring ghosts, monsters, and dripping blood, this nail art doesn’t use any special tools. All you need is a bobby pin and your imagination.


Emoji Nails

Whether you’re a social media maven, or a Whatsapp queen, this nail art is the perfect way to show your love for emojis. All you need is a super steady hand and yellow paints. Here’s a handy hint: you can use acrylic paints for the detailing.


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