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Fancy A Fantastic Foundation? Make One Yourself!

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Ask any girl who loves her makeup, what’s the one product in her kit that she absolutely swears by. 8/10 times the answer will be foundation. Whether liquid or powdered, foundation in any form will be by your side forever. It takes just a few minutes to change your skin tone from dull to awesome, and that is no less than a super power! A little bit of powder and you are good to go — whether it’s for a quick dinner or an urgent meeting.

Now, it is a mammoth task to find the perfect foundation that matches your skin to the T. And even when you do, they often turn out to be either too grainy or too runny. Plus, there is the whole issue of how there aren’t too many foundations in the market for darker tones. The problems are endless but you can somewhat overcome them in a few simple steps. How, you ask? By DIYing your very own base makeup! It is a lot of fun to do it and all you need are a few basic ingredients. Saving some cash, some serious cash, is just an added bonus.

DIY Powder Foundation


  • Baby Powder/Cornstarch
  • Turmeric
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Pink Eyeliner/Blush

Directions: Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix! Yes, it’s that simple. Just keep mixing till you get the ideal shade and consistency. If you want it to be a little yellow, add more turmeric. Want it pink? Add more blush (you can DIY the blush too!). For a darker tone, pour in more cocoa powder. Before applying it, prep your skin with a little bit of moisturiser to give it a moist base.

DIY Liquid Foundation


  • Powder Foundation
  • Moisturiser

Directions: Make the powdered version and add just equal amounts of moisturiser to it. And your liquid foundation will be done!

Check out this video, for step-by-step visual method on how to make your powder foundation.


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