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Give Yourself The Ultimate At-Home Pedicure In 5 Easy Steps

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I don’t care how dirty the water is, but walking through puddles keeps my inner child alive. What doesn’t rock my boat, though, is the disgusting filth under my toenails. Apart from the aesthetics, it is absolutely important to maintain high levels of hygiene simply to avoid getting infections. While letting a professional take care of your feet while you chill at the salon is definitely high on my weekend to-do list, a little at-home spa session every once in a while doesn’t hurt either. Here’s how to give yourself the ultimate DIY pedicure.


Colorbar Nail Polish Remover_Hauterfly

Colorbar Nail Polish Remover (Rs 125)


STEP 1: Take off old polish with an acetone-free nail polish remover. This is also the time when you should file or trim your nails if needed because nails become soft and vulnerable post soaking are are easier to cut and shape.


Kronokare Seriously Stress Busting Bath Salt_Hauterfly

Kronokare Seriously Stress Busting Bath Salt (Rs 295)


STEP 2: Soak your feet in lukewarm water for around 10 minutes. Throw in some epsom salt or bust out that bottle of bath salts you haven’t used yet.


Tweezerman Pedro Callus Stone_Hauterfly

Tweezerman Pedro Callus Stone (Rs 1,323)


STEP 3: Dab your feet on a fresh napkin and use a pumice stone or a foot scrub to exfoliate dead skin. Work in circular motions and concentrate on the heels and bottom of the feet.


Basicare New Manicure Kit_Hauterfly

Basicare New Manicure Kit (Rs 1,350)


STEP 4: Use a cuticle pusher to push your cuticles back. Don’t cut them because you might cut off too much and expose your nails to infections. This is also when you should clean under your nails and around your nails using the pointy end of the nail filer.


Tvam Foot Massage Cream Sea Buckthorn_Hauterfly

TVAM Foot Massage Cream Sea Buckthorn (Rs 550)


STEP 5: Rinse your feet with clean water. Use a thick moisturising cream and make sure to massage it in until it is completely absorbed. You should ideally put on socks next. But if you want to paint your nails, make sure to clean each nail with acetone-free nail polish remover just to get the cream off your nails. If you try painting your nails without cleaning them first, your polish will go on streaky and will not dry completely.

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