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Let’s Weigh In On The Changes You Need To Make To Your Skincare Routine This Winter

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One of the biggest skincare sins that women commit is to not make their routine flexible and adaptable. Changes like hormonal cycles and aging require us to add, subtract or replace certain aspects of our regimen so that our skin can continue looking its best. The need for change is especially true when it comes to changing seasons. Girls who like to be constantly on the go, are always subjecting their skin to weather conditions and if they are not prepared, it can wreak havoc on it. And since it’s getting chillier every day, we should have gotten started on taking care of our skin, like yesterday!

Our skin goes through various changes in terms of its hydration. While in summer, the skin is naturally hydrated, in winter it could become dry due to lack of humidity in the air. One doesn’t sweat as much, which is why we need to moisturize our skin more so than usual. Being prepared with the right moisturisers that suit our skin is one of the most important must-dos for the winters.

The generic skincare tip we have always gotten is to moisturise. But we like to be thorough and dwell in the details, all of which we received in a conversation with entrepreneur and producer Deepshikha Deshmukh.

Hauterfly Winter Skincare Deepshikha Deshmukh

Deepshikha, founder of Love Organically, is also the daughter of Indian producer Vashu Bhagnani and sister of the actor-producer Jackky Bhagnani. Her label ensures that all raw materials are procured from farmers rendering a fair share and consistent business to them. The brand also communicates via seed paper and also ensures the use of bio-degradable packaging. Part of the company’s profits goes to the NGO Snehwan – a non-profit organization that provides educational empowerment to marginalized children of drought-affected farmers. Beauty with a cause, indeed!

How Should You Update Our Skincare Routine For Winter?

For colder months everyone’s skin becomes dry and it is most important to hydrate our skin as regularly as possible. Women with oily skin should use a light, water or gel-based moisturiser or one with a lighter base. When it comes to dry skin, they should use a heavy moisturiser. One should also try and spray their skin with a mist every now and then to keep it hydrated. Remember ladies, hydration is key, both internally and externally.

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How Do You Deal With Winter Winds?

The one and the only way to deal with cold winter winds is by applying an external moisturiser and re-misting your face every 30 – 45 minutes. Another thing that would really help internally would be to consume some fats, like an avocado or a spoon of coconut oil, every day. Pay attention to picking only food-grade coconut oil and not to overdo it if you have issues with cholesterol. 

How To Get Rid Of Flaky Skin?

Flaky skin doesn’t just need moisturising it also needs repair. A good tip for that is using turmeric in a pack on your skin every now and then to help repair the skin. There are also repair serums that one could use, depending on their skin type, followed up with a good moisturiser. It’s a routine one must develop as moisturising alone is not enough. 

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How Do We Heal Our Chapped Lips?

The best thing to take care of your lips is to apply a pure version of coconut oil – just a drop of it scrubbed all over your lips and left overnight. One could also keep using a natural lip balm which keeps it moisturised but more importantly remove your lipstick every day. It’s important to follow the de-glam routine. Remove the lipstick and then apply the coconut oil every night to keep your lips moisturised.
Make sure to invest in a lip balm with sunblock because winters get harsher sun, a habit we can form all year long as well.

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Common Winter Skincare Mistakes

One of the biggest skincare mistakes women often make is not keeping their skin hydrated. And this is not just a winter concern – women have to keep their skin hydrated at all times, all seasons. And it is such a simple routine. All you do is first clean your skin and then moisturise it –  inculcate this habit into your lifestyle daily. If you want, you can use a toner too, it works perfectly to close the routine. And you don’t have to go far to pamper your skin – use fruits and vegetables to do the job for you. Peaches, strawberries, and oranges can work miracles on your skin. Also remember to consume the right foods because, for beautiful skin, the right food is also important. Have a good measure of watermelons and apples and keep the dry fruits going.
A big no-no for skin during winters is the temptation of hopping into a hot shower. Usually, it’s not good to shower with hot water because it opens up the pores, and also dries out the skin causing irritation and itching. Room temperature or lukewarm water is always preferred. But, if someone does have a preference for using hot water then they should make sure that they moisturise and cool themselves after a shower. But generally, it isn’t a good practice to shower with hot water. If someone has a skin condition, hot water can make it worse and even increase your blood pressure.

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Best Skin Foods For Winter

Avocado is amazing in the winters as is coconut oil. Another fantastic addition is beetroot. Any kinds of berries are great for consumption as well as to apply on the skin. Even a spoon of honey and badam (almonds) is amazing. All these things are great as a diet as well as for application on the skin.

Expert Skincare Tips

Deepshikha pulled out some skincare tips from her own routine as well! “I would like to reiterate that its best to moisturize, cleanse and detoxify your skin, especially when you’re traveling since the lack of sweating tends to clog the pores. Secondly, even though it’s winter do not forget to use sunblock. It gives your skin a very strong, protective layer. Using rose water or a ‘glow’ mist helps as well. Love Organically has an entire range of mogra-based glow products made with all-natural ingredients like aloe vera juice and sesame oil. Hydrating your skin like you hydrate your body is absolutely essential and with mists, you can really see the difference in a couple of days of regular usage. You start seeing your skin breathe and look radiant, which I think is very important. Massaging with a light moisturiser or aloe vera gel helps with oily skin and for extremely dry skin a few drops of lavender oil or lavender-based products like Love Organically’s massage oil, body wash, and moisturizer bode well for winter skin woes”.

We love the delicious smell of lavender so this is going to be an instant addition to our collection!

Now that you have the tools for taking care of your skin, book that winter vacay right away, and don’t forget the sunblock!


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