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Whoever Did The Photoshop Job On Deepika Padukone And Gave Her A “Contour Beard” Needs To be Sacked

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When I stumbled upon a recent image of Deepika Padukone posing in a button-down shirt and bicycle shorts, I let out a resounding “WHYYYYYY!!”. The extent of Photoshop in this image is completely unnecessary and bizarre. We understand a few tweaks in light and shade for glamour shots, they are standard in fashion. But somebody gave Deepika an unnaturally long chin and a beard-like blur on her face, which is plain comical.

The actress was one of the many A-lister attendees at legendary Irish rock band U2’s Mumbai concert last night. For her concert style, Deepika chose a white oversized button-down paired with bicycle shorts and cinched it with a bum bag. She was joined by her equally stylish hubby Ranveer Singh, decked out on quirky neons and baggy fits. On the carpet, she looked cool. But when the ensemble was released by her stylists’ team, we were taken aback by how terrible they made her look. The white-out job done on her is lame. Why would you want you to tweak Deepika’s appearances at all? She is a near-perfect human being!

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Nobody is immune to Photoshop fails in the business. Which makes us wonder, why have these touch-ups in the first place. People can see right through these tricks, given that audiences have gotten smarter in the last decade. One of Deepika’s constant themes has been to be as raw and original in all her presentations as possible. From her posing makeup-free for her April 2019-Vogue spread to the very underrated ‘Brown Girl Chic’ shoot she did for Porter magazine, this girl likes to say it like it is. Why anybody would want to disturb that harmony is beyond us. Especially when these actresses are trying to make their work speak louder than any of their studio shoots, images like these sometimes put a damper on things as a whole. Let’s lay off the Photoshop permanently, shall we?

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While Deepika still has a handle on things, the problem with heavily touched-up images doing the rounds is a very real problem for younger starlets. The stark difference between glamorous shots and the celebrity in person is a topic of introspection for many industry insiders. Maybe we need the artistic authorities to take a call on this finally. The brief should be to steer clear of such tweaks, it’s as simple as that. Let’s get raw and real, it’s more fun that way!

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