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LFW 2016: The Surprising Product Used As Eyeliner At Amrich’s Show

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While there’s no denying that I love decoding beauty looks, I really enjoy the process of guessing what products and techniques have been used to achieve those looks. It’s actually my most favourite thing to do. So when the models at Amrich’s Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2016 show walked down the ramp with prominent black arcs above the crease, I smugly thought to myself – Hah! Eyeliner stencils. Easy-peasy! That was really clever; applying the stencils above the crease instead of placing them close to the lashline.


Amrich Beauty Look LFW SR16_Hauterfly


However, I was taken aback when Natasha Nischol of Fat Mu (who did the hair and make-up for the show) burst my bubble. What the artist and her team used weren’t stencils (neither was it eye liner) but… wait for it… black chart paper! Who knew you could use black chart paper and the works in your experimental beauty looks!

So hold on to those craft supplies from your DIY projects, girls. After all, make-up is all about being creative and improvising!


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