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10 Of The Craziest Beauty Trends Of 2016

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Every year we see crazy fads taking over the internet — some of them catch fire, whilst others burn down to a crisp. But the one thing we can be sure of is that there are a lot of people out there (jobless or not) who discover these bizarre trends and products that instantly become the talk and sometimes walk of beauty town. I know it’s a little ridiculous to see how ‘out there’ beauty and makeup can actually turn out to be, but hey, whatever floats everyone’s boats, right? We’ve seen colour, glitter, clumps, magnetic masks, tattoos, the works — some of these derived from runway beauty and some from the pure, weird imagination of the peeps! So since it is the end of 2016, here’s a toast to the 10 most craziest, most ridiculous and outright ingenious fads that set fire to the beauty world in the past year!


1. All That Glitters

This year was all about the glitter! From glitter beards and eyebrows, to roots and even lips! It was all about the shimmer and shine, and with Pat McGrath’s kit trending too, I see why everyone was obsessed with the glitter trend! Also, since we are talking about glitter, there was also a pretty weird trend of glow in the dark, rainbow and galaxy hair…like WTH?!?


2. Magnetic Face Mask

I would have loved to try out this product — the magnetic mask was nothing less than fascinating. The mask is pretty much your basic skincare product, but…when it dries, instead of washing it you can take it off with a magnet. How effing cool is that?! Gone are the days of almost peeling your skin off!


3. 100 Layers Of Everything

This trend escalated quite quickly. I think it started when nail art guru Simply Nailogical did a 100+ coats of nail polish video that caught fire. #PolishMountain was trending in an instance, and then things got ugly…oh so ugly. We saw 100 layers of mascara, foundation, lipstick…even 100 layers of clothing! You know you’ve crossed over to the dark side when you’ve got BS trending on the internet.


4. Spray On Nail Varnish

So this was a rather strange, yet ingenious invention. For those finger feeble people, the spray on nail polish pretty much works the way it sounds — you can spray it on your nails, wipe of the excess and voilà! You are left with fuss-free polish!


5. Makeup Products Of Every Kind

So there was a trend of using highlighter all over your face and then there were the other crazy makeup products that could kick your normal boring packaging’s butt — the pizza highlighter, the rainbow highlighter and genetalia inspired lip’dicks’ and vagina highlighters. Ummm, super interesting…sort of?


6. Fur Nails

The first question that came to mind when I saw this, how the eff would you be able to wash yourself? These fur nails started trending post fashion week and became the talk of tinsel town instantly, mainly for their bizarreness rather than being fashionable!


7. Boob Sheet Masks

Okay so sheet masks are for your face, which is fair enough! And then came boob masks — yes, masks for you busty breasticles, that pretty much cleanse and uplift them. Makes you pretty, inside out!


8. Peel-Off Lips And Eyes

Talk about a time-saver for all you makeup newbies, the peel-off lips and eyes was such a creepy turn-off! Like the payoff is awful, the colour droops and it looks gross to another level. We’d suggest sticking to normal makeup, please.


9. Armpit Hair Dye

Embracing their underarm hair, women started adding colour to it too! It all started when Miley Cyrus decided to post a picture of her colourful pits and then everyone else followed. The weirdest part is, no one is dying it a normal colour — it’s all about keeping it funky.


 10. Extreme Facials

Yep this was the year where the crazy facials came to be! I know that Kim K made the ‘bloody’ facial famous a couple of years ago, but this year we saw snake venom, bee pollen, snail slug, sheep placenta, and even electrocuting butt facial! Talk about taking beauty to a whole new level…would you ever dare to try any?


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