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Reviewed: Cover FX Custom Cover Drops

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Have you ever had that problem where you buy an expensive foundation and it looks perfect in the store, then you try it at home and you look like a character out of a scary movie? That happened to me when I was trying on a new Nars foundation at home recently, and my boyfriend commented that I looked like Casper the friendly ghost. I mean… the man has a sense of humour, I’ll give him that.

However, my heart was breaking at the thought of never being able to use the foundation again, because a) it felt gorgeous on my picky skin, and b) it was so DAMN expensive I couldn’t just throw it away (even though it made me look white)! While mixing different coloured foundations is quite the norm for beauty enthusiasts everywhere, I’m wary of mixing different formulations because some just don’t end up working on my oily skin. Naturally, I was dying a thousand deaths until Cover FX’s Custom Cover Drops landed on my desk some time ago. And ladies, I promise this will totally change the way you think about your foundation.

Canadian beauty brand Cover FX is all about the base… ’bout the base… no kidding. The brand is a recent import to India, and boy does it tick all the boxes when it comes to personalisation and innovation. So much so, that when Custom Cover Drops launched last year, beauty editors around the world totally flipped over this tiny bottle of goodness. Why, you ask? This genius product is a concentrated liquid pigment that you can add to any skincare or makeup product to make yourself your very own, customised foundation.



Cover FX Custom Cover Drops


Available in 24 shades from very fair to very deep — which is amazing for a beauty brand — you can now find a colour that fits you perfectly. No more mixing different colours to find one that’s right for you. The product has a serum-like consistency, and you can easily mix it with your corrective serum, face oil, moisturiser — even primer or sunscreen! — to get the foundation of your dreams. You can even use it with your concealer or foundation — like I do — to get a custom blend that fits you like a glove.

Just one drop works perfectly if you’re looking for sheer coverage. But the great thing is that you can easily build on this by adding more drops for medium to full coverage. Trust me, there’s no complicated alchemy required (Cover FX has that covered, keep reading!). All you do is put your skincare product of choice in your palm, drop one or two drops of the pigment from the dropper, mix well, and put it on. It’s seriously that easy.

If — like me — you’re curious about the science-y aspect of what makes this amazing makeup innovation possible, the pigments in Custom Cover Drops are coated in a molecule called Lecithin, which helps to bind oil and water soluble ingredients and help them adhere to the skin easily. But the thing that I really dig is the fact that the liquid ingredient evaporates quickly on contact, leaving behind only your skincare product and pure pigment, which means your skin won’t feel greasy at all. All you get is pure colour. I just have one word for it: AMAZING.

While it definitely has a pricey tag, there’s so much product in the bottle — and you only really need a drop or two — that you’ll have it around for a really long time. Plus considering how well you can adjust and control the coverage, it’s definitely a product worth checking out on your next trip to Sephora. Whether you’re just looking for a tint or total coverage, this clever little product is a real game changer.

SHOP NOW: Cover FX Custom Cover Drops (Rs 4,000) *
* Available at Sephora outlets across India.


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