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Here’s How You Can Cop The Super Haute Copper Eyeshadow Trend

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The trend that’s currently blowing up the Internet is the copper eyeshadow trend. It’s the perfect neutral colour to wear with just about anything. Plus, it’s got shimmer! What more can you ask for in eye makeup? People have been obsessed with the shade after seeing them on Fall 2017 runways, like Brandon Maxwell and Christian Siriano.


See that copper, all over the lids, dripping to the cheekbones? Isn’t it gorgeous? Now that you’ve seen Christian Siriano, here’s what Brandon Maxwell models wore on the runway.


It’s a smokey version of copper eyeshadow. And while the runways look great, it’s time to get close up and check out what the queens of Instagram have been doing with this trend trend.


Shayla wore a simple wash of copper all over her lids, shaded in with a little brown or burnt orange around her crease.


Makeup artists are also trying out a halo version of this look. In fact, I tried a halo copper eyeshadow on a bride, right when the trend first came out in February.


The halo eye almost has a 3D effect and can really make your eyes pop.


Some may opt for the smokey cat eye way of wearing copper eyeshadow. The sky is the limit!


Even Huda Beauty’s been wearing copper, but then again, she’s always been obsessed with copper, so I guess she called it first! So, if you want to wear the trend, here’s an easy way to do it.


Copper Eyeshadow Trend_Blending Brush_Hauterfly

Vega Eye Brush PB 15

1. Pick The Right Brush

Use a slightly rounded blending brush. You’ll need this to work in your transition colour, because I always recommend wearing 2 shades of eyeshadow if you want to shape your eyes.


Copper eyeshadow trend_MAC eyeshadow_Hauterfly

M.A.C. Veluxe Eyeshadow (Rs 1,350)

2. Transition Eyeshadow

Pick a brown to transition the copper eyeshadow with. Use your blending brush to apply it to the corner of your lids and then blend in circular motions into your crease. Use a smaller brush to bring some of this color down to the outer corner of your lower lash line, as well.


Copper eyeshadow trend_Revlon eyeshadow_Hauterfly

Revlon Colorstay Shadow Links in Copper (Rs 250)

3. Copper FTW

Use your ring or middle finger to pick up the pigment and dab it onto your lid. Use the blending brush once again to blend at the corner, where the copper eyeshadow meets your brown eyeshadow.

#HauteTip: Top off the look with brows and mascara well done!


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