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The Holy Grail Highlighter That Baishali Is Addicted To

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Growing up, I was never big on makeup — it was my sister who was the beauty fiend. Over the years, that hasn’t changed. Much. However, since she lives in the US, she has been buying me copious amounts of makeup, year on year, and what’s a girl to do — I succumbed. The good thing is that my sister channelled her obsession well; she now runs a pretty popular blog *insert pimping*.  Which also means, she’s the guinea pig when it comes to trying out the makeup. Also, she gets my skin colour and type like no one else, so most often, she gets it bang on. One of the products from her most recent potli of beauty prezzies for me was the Colourpop Super Shock Cheek Tint Highlighter — and let me tell you, the love I feel for this is pretty darn intense (no offence to any exes!).



While this is essentially a highlighter, short of using it as a ventilator that gives me the breath of life, I pretty much use it for ERRYTHING. Blush. Check. Highlighter. Check. Eyeshadow. Check. Is there anything this one can’t do? The tint is super pigmented but the shimmer is subtle, which is perfect for me. I may not know how to contour (#Fail), but with this highlighter, I don’t need it — it pretty much does the job for me. And the beautiful part of it is that perfectly suits my chocolate skin — soulmate, man!

And now, Colourpop ships to India too! *Oh Happy Day* So I don’t even have to wait all year long for my sister’s visit to get these babies — 3 weeks and my cheeks are shiny again! And, and, and, Colourpop products are super reasonable — around 500 bucks for this beauty? I’m sold! So I’m definitely restocking my stash — what are you waiting for?

SHOP NOW: Colourpop Super Shock Cheek Tint — Wisp (Rs 536 approx)


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