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Bushra Just Found Her Daily Wear Eyeshadow Stick

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Like most Indian girls, I was addicted to my kohl pencil. I couldn’t imagine stepping out without the mandatory lashing of kohl on my waterline. As for the colour, the darker the better. I was always on the lookout for my next fix. Yes, I was a kohl junkie. It has taken a lot of willpower to break out of that habit. Not that there is anything wrong with kohl. I still believe Indian eyes look exquisite with a touch of kohl, and I really don’t mind using it on both waterlines regardless of the fact that it makes your eyes look smaller. I just think it’s time to explore other styles and I have Maleka, my teacher from make-up school to thank for weaning me off my patent kohl+heavy eyeliner look.

Lately, I’ve been trying colours like warm brown and slate grey on my waterline and I’m quite pleased with the result. It brings out the eyes without having an overpowering effect. I’ve been toying with the idea of wearing eyeshadow for a while now; something that is easy to carry off on a daily basis and is also work-appropriate. With eyeshadows, I have a sort of mental block — eyeshadows are only meant for special occasions — and I want to break out of it. I only have powder eyeshadows which last long only when used over a primer since I have oily eyelids.

Also, this sounded like too much work and I was almost giving up on eyeshadow when I came across the Colorbar All Day Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick.


Colorbar All Day Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick Ornament_Hauterfly

Colorbar All Day Waterproof Eyeshadow Stick

That’s right! These are creamy eyeshadows in a roll-up stick! Colorbar products generally have kickass colour pay off. My favourite eye pencil is also from Colorbar. Back to these eyeshadow sticks — they are waterproof (a must for girls with oily skin) and smudge-proof (a must in balmy weather). When this brand says they last all day, I believe them because their eye pencils do not move or fade for 24 hours straight (the things I do to test stuff for you guys!).

The shade Ornament appealed to me the most. It is a bronzy beige with some shimmer. I don’t care about the only-mattes-during-the-day rule. The shadow blends well since it’s creamy, and looks perfect for a neutral glam look for the day. I’m sold! #SuchSwagMuchWow

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