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The New Vitamin C Serum Zahra Needs In Her Life

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If you’re late to the good skincare bandwagon, here’s a newsflash: Vitamin C is the anti-ageing superstar you need in your beauty regime. There’s a reason why skincare experts and beauty brands across the globe are touting its fantastic benefits and use it in their products. No matter your skin type or specific concern, the earlier you incorporate this powerhouse antioxidant into your everyday beauty routine, the better the condition of your skin.

When added to your daily skincare routine, Vitamin C can provide a range of benefits, including brightening and evening out your skin tone, protecting it from visible signs of ageing and free radical damage caused by pollution, boosting hydration, and keeping your skin looking healthy and younger for longer.

So if you’re someone who values having clear, youthful looking skin over loading your face with makeup to hide blemishes and rosacea, a Vitamin C-rich skincare product should be an important investment in your beauty arsenal. And among the many products that have launched recently, I’ve got my eyes on this brand new launch from American beauty brand Clinique.


Clinique Fresh Pressed Vitamin C Daily Booster Serum_Inpost

Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C 10%


Clinique Fresh Pressed™ Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C 10% just launched in India this week, and promises to give you the best skin of your life. One part of its Fresh Pressed two-step system (the first step is a Vitamin C-rich powder cleanser), the new booster serum contains pure Vitamin C in its highest concentration to dramatically brighten, even, and retexturise your skin.

The interesting thing about Vitamin C is that it’s a tricky ingredient to work with. The moment it is exposed to oxygen, it begins to oxidize and loses its power. It is at its most potent when it is fresh, and Clinique has tried to ensure the ingredient’s potency via the ingenious packing that the serum comes in.

The light-proof vial has two chambers — the top half contains isolated Vitamin C powder in a sealed chamber, and the bottom half contains the soothing emulsion — and the product is activated only once you open the foil seal, and press the inner bulb twice to release the powder into the serum. Shake well to mix the two products, and you have a potent antioxidant that’s ready to be mixed with your everyday moisturiser.

The brand claims that you will see results — i.e. brighter looking skin, and noticeable reduction in age spots and fine lines — in just seven days (if used correctly both morning and evening). With continued use of both the powder cleanser and the booster, you should notice firmer, even-toned, smoother skin radiating with a youthful glow.

With promises like that, there’s little doubt why I need to get my hands on this ASAP!

SHOP NOW: Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with Pure Vitamin C 10% (Rs 5,500) *
* Available at Clinique stores across the country


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