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15 Nail Art Designs To Get You In The Christmas Spirit

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I love it when the Christmas bug hits us all! The holiday spirit really sends a warm, fuzzy feeling through us, making everything delightful. The dazzling lights, the smell of hot chocolate over Christmas Carols, the fake Fir trees that envelope gifts around them…oh, I could go on! Christmas is totally my thing and it is something I DO NOT miss out on, no matter what! Even with my choice of clothing, I love those hideous Christmas sweaters, the warm and fuzzy red blankets — decorating my life with all things seasonal is what December is all about. And amongst all of this lies Christmas nails — how can we miss out on our beautiful nail art? So to give you inspiration and get your pointer game on for the holiday season, here are the reds, golds, greens, blues, and silversĀ that you can totally slay on your nails this Christmas!




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