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Chipped Your Nail At Work? Now Book Yourself A Lunchtime Manicure!

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Doing a presentation is stressful. The slides needs to be prepared, the points need to be filed away for memory, the research needs to be solid, and the clothes need to be ironed. When you have all this ready, you pretty much have all the confidence you need. Plus, you feel super put together. So while the heels are gleaming and the dressing is powerful, obviously the rest of you needs to look the part as well. And one of the things that will get noticed will be your nails. Now, it’s not always possible to get a manicure, or have your nails looking halfway decent. 

Worry not, we’ve got your back. Or in this case, your hand. Pull out your phone, call up the people at Dial-A-Manicure, and have your nails looking spiffy in a jiffy. The Dial-A-Manicure service by Ellement Co. will send a technician wherever you want, any time you need a manicure. Watch this video to know how. 

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