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The 2-Step Guide To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

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Cleaning your makeup brushes on a weekly basis, or bi-weekly max (no… seriously, no less), is of utmost importance!

Not cleaning your brushes can spread bacteria, pick up infection from your acne, cause blackheads, and more.

In fact, the makeup trapped in your brushes doesn’t allow them to work to their best ability. That’s a waste of time, effort, and money, no?

With all these incredibly crazy machines taking over the market, claiming to wash your brushes the best way, I’m going to ask you to stick to one time-tested method. It’s inexpensive and super effective.

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1. Shampoo

Use a regular shampoo, maybe even one that you use on yourself, to clean your brushes. Start by soaking the hairs in a jar of water and adding a few drops of shampoo. Even better if it’s a shampoo-conditioner combo, for a softer finish.


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2. Brush Cleaner

I picked up this brush cleaner from The Body Shop. Once your brushes have been soaked, dip them in more shampoo and scrub the hairs back and forth on the brush cleaner.

Watch as all the excess product oozes out of your brushes. Then, clean off the shampoo with water and leave them to dry on a towel.

That’s all it takes! It’s a 2-step routine.


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