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These Celebrities Are Giving Us MAJOR Lipstick Goals This Fall

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As makeup junkies, we all have hordes of lipsticks. Just hidden away or stacked up in a drawer, hidden from the prying eyes of husbands, moms and others who are likely to reel in shock when they spot so many. They might even go with the common refrain of, ‘Why do you need so MANY lipsticks?’ Silly people. Questioning such basic decisions. Anyway, you have many lipsticks but tend to use the same ones again and again. Because these are in fashion.

Take inspiration from these celebrities who are ditching the nudes in favour of lips colours that radiate power. This isn’t your average pout; these celebrities are dishing out some major lip inspo and we can’t wait to rock these!

Kangana’s Berry Lip

This berry lip on Kangana Ranaut is absolutely stunning. And with winter around the corner, we will be spotting this on a lot more celebrities. We love the deep, dark shade with the subtle gloss in the middle of the lower lip that’s making her lips look fuller. *obsesses over berry shades everywhere*

Diana’s Plum Pout

Oxblood is a shade that literally never goes out of fashion. Diana Penty owns this look. The plum lip adding oodles of drama uplifting the look from hot to scorching. We would pair this with soft, rosy cheeks and let the lips take centre stage.

Karisma’s Bold Lips

When you have porcelain skin, you bring your features to the fore with a bold, sexy lip. And artist Shraddha Naik plays to Karisma Kapoor’s strengths, pairing it with a smokey eye giving no hoots about the rule that says you don’t pair a dark lip with strong eyes.

Anushka’s Intense Red Lips

On Anushka Sharma, this luscious, intense shade of red looks fabulous complementing her flawless skin and nude makeup. You want to keep your look nude, skipping the heavy duty stuff for basic, natural coverage and let you lip do all the talking.

Aishwarya’s Classic Red Pout

A classic, red lip never goes out of fashion and use it on a diva like Aishwarya whose beauty is timeless and you couldn’t possibly go wrong. We love how celebrity makeup artist Mickey Contractor uses the red lip to accentuate Aishwarya’s features and make a bold statement.

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Aditi’s Dramatic Wine Lip

That drama though! If you want to walk into the room and make every head turn, do it like celebrity artist Elton Fernandez. He dials it up with Aditi Rao Hyadri giving her strong eyeshadow and pairing it with a vibrant, strong lip that screams #girlboss


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