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7 Crazy Good Beauty Benefits Of Castor Oil

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You know that time your grandmother carefully oiled your hair and braided it with love? Or gave you a earful when you didn’t do it while you were living away from home? Or how she always had a beauty hack up her sleeve, that you dismissed as just another mumbo-jumbo skin thing? Well, it turns out, our grandmums and mums may have been on to something. We’ve been scouring the internet for the benefits of castor oil, and pretty much everything our elders have been going on about is true. If you don’t know what castor oil can do, you are in for a very, very pleasant surprise. 



Hair Growth

This thick, gooey oil is great for hair growth. If you want to arrest hair fall, or grow thicker eyelashes or eyebrows, then castor oil is where the party is at. Massaging castor oil into the hair will help it grow thicker and faster. Apply castor oil to your eyeslashes and eyebrows for it to be thicker and healthier. You can ditch the mascara and brow-filling products!




If you don’t want to invest in expensive anti-ageing products, don’t worry, you don’t have to. Castor oil can actually delay signs of ageing. The oil promotes the production of collagen so your skin looks firmer and younger.



Lip Balm

They say, lips don’t lie. Okay, maybe they don’t say that, but hey, you do put your lips through a lot with matte-as-hell liquid lipsticks, long stay lip liners, and the like. Castor oil can come to the rescue. Make dry, chapped lips a thing of the past. Apply a dot on the lips and use your finger to spread it all over your lips!



Clears Skin

If your skin is behaving like a moody teenager, breaking out and looking hormonal, you could benefit from castor oil. Yes, it sounds like a terrible idea if you have oily skin, but hear us out. The naturally hydrating properties of castor oil can save your skin. Apply a small amount and massage it into your skin to restore your natural moisture balance.



Cracked Heels

Have you been hiding your feet in closed shoes because your heels threaten to show up in all their cracked glory if you wear anything else? Turn to castor oil. Applying this to your heels helps keep skin soft and looking like you actually care for them.



Stretch Marks

It’s all great to ask people to love their bodies, but stretch marks don’t do any body any favours. And while there isn’t a quick-fix solution, castor oil can, in the long run, make them appear less visible. Regular use of castor oil can also help prevent their occurence.



Healthy Nails

If your nail polish keeps chipping, cuticles look dry, and in general your nails look like they are in serious disrepair, you might need castor oil to bail you out of this situation. Applying a small amount of castor oil on your nails daily before you sleep can keep your nails and cuticles in the pink of health!


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