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I Have Been Treating My Adult Acne With Carbon Laser Peel Sessions And It Has Transformed My Skin

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It is crucial to have meaningful experiences when young…they give us a taste of reality that prepares us for later in life. As a teenager, I never had any skin troubles. I cruised through my sweet 16 and rang in my 21-st birthday with beautiful, clear skin. The only brush I had with skin troubles was in the form of my sister’s struggles with maintaining sensitive skin and my friends complaining about ill-timed zits popping up before big dates. I honestly thought myself to be immune to skin troubles…no matter what I do to it.

That’s where it all went wrong. For years, I did not pay attention to my skin, limiting my routine to just sunscreen during the day. Some days, I wouldn’t even wash my face and head to 8 am class, something most college students living away from home do. Not having my mother constantly behind my life to take of myself was my undoing and by the time I hit 22 and started working in the city, my skin had said “Enough”.

The Early 20s Woes

From the ages of 22 to 26, I suffered from adult acne which was attributed to my hormones and they appeared around my menstrual cycle. But then, a few started to appear as boils on my cheek even when I wasn’t PMSing. A combination of bad diet, city pollution, long commutes and lack of skincare had rendered my face scarred and dull. I had many dermatologists treat me during this time. Some focusing on my scalp health, some pumping me with meds and some just telling me that “age will fix it”. I was honestly saddened by the whole experience, my self-esteem taking a hit monumentally at this period of my life. Trust me, I am not someone to get caught up in their looks and worry about superficial problems but my profession requires me to meet a lot of people and look the part of a fashion journalist. I would just pile on the coverage and makeup, and on days when my break-outs were especially big and gnarly, I’d avoid social places altogether.

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I want to take a moment and give a genuine shout-out to a collaborator who has transformed my skin! I have been struggling with adult acne since I was 22 and the years of breakouts and constant picking had resulted in pesky scars and bad skin. I have had many a visits to dermatologists who would just pump me with meds, during which my skin improved, only to later go back to its spotty and blemished self. I was exhausted by trying everything in hopes of good skin that I almost gave up. I resorted to make-up when I knew I had to face people, and just avoided everyone the rest of the time. It was sad guys, I mean, the hit my self esteem took was monumental. I wasn't myself for a long time. That's when I found @khotparul and her fabulous approach to treat my skin with a wholesome regime of innovation-based facials and detailed tips on maintaining a proper diet and lifestyle. One of the procedures she hooked me on to is the Carbon Laser Peel, which after only a couple of sessions, transformed my skin and has made me happy to look in the mirror for the first time in years. Read my take on how my time with the @skiinace clinic has helped transform my skin on @thehauterfly ! . . . . . #carbonlaserpeel #adultacne #notanad #skincare

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The Best Place I Ever Made

By the time I hit 26, I was sick of the heartbreak. But I thought to shoot my shot one last time and made an appointment at the Skiinace clinic in Khar West, Mumbai. Resident dermatologist Dr. Parul Khot sat down with me for the longest consultation I ever had and came up with a wholesome approach of treating my skin with laser and acid peels, in addition to guiding me on how to fix my diet exercise and general lifestyle to help with the skin healing. One of the procedures that I was part of the treatment was the carbon laser peel facial, which I got done every 4 weeks for 3 months. By the 3rd session, I started to see a transformation in my skin that I never imagined happening in my case.

The facial entails a carbon mask being put on one’s face and on drying, followed Q-switched laser to treat my acne, scars and other discolouration on my face. The procedure itself is non-invasive and only feels like tiny pop rocks (candy) bursting on your face. For context, a quality-switched laser creates high-intensity pulsed beam light which is able to shatter tiny fragments of pigmentation or ink, stimulate collagen production or kill fungus. Every session of the carbon laser peel left me with renewed skin like no other, with a visible reduction in scars and improved appearance of acne. I actually enjoyed a whole week of clear skin this one time, but then PMS set in and gave me a couple on my chin.

A Skin Collaboration

Even though I have a few more sessions and a couple of more months of “fixing my life” to do, I can already feel such an improvement in my skin. The treatment has opened me up to the prospect of getting good facials done to maintain one’s skin and not just to treat it. Carbon Peel Lasers have indeed become a popular practice in the skincare world, with women going the route in order to refresh their complexion and for timely upkeep. I am just glad I found it while forming a collaboration with a dermatologist who is willing to take the time to naturally heal my skin without making it go through too much. Ladies, it is very important to form and maintain a relationship with your dermatologists, in the long run, they can be your skin’s best find even on the worst of days.

Here’s to a healthy body and clear skin for the rest of 2020!

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