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Can You Guess The Top Beauty Queries Google Has Answered In 2016?

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For us millennials ‘why don’t you Google it?’ has become a legit thing! Gone are the days when we would enthusiastically look to a dictionary, an encyclopedia or even humans for any sort of information. Now, all of these have pretty much become redundant, as everything has moved base to the digital world. In our grandparents’ words, we should just use that ‘interweb’ instead! Some queries are absolutely warranted, whilst others are pretty baffling — I mean, come on, have you seen the ridiculous suggestions Google comes up with! I’m not sure if this increases our curiosity or decreases our intellect, but some of the questions we humans ask are pretty silly.

Well, with that being said, the famous search engine (which we probably wouldn’t be able to live without…what the hell were people doing before its existence?!) released its top beauty queries of 2016 yesterday. And I must say I am not surprised, because you can totally hold me guilty for turning to Google for pretty much the same questions! I mean don’t we all search for one ‘how to’ and then somehow find ourselves wandering around Beautyland of Narnia hours later. So check out the most Googled beauty queries we all have been asking in the past year — and we might have answers to it too… thanks Google!


1. How To Do A Fishtail Braid?

Okay so let me admit that even I haven’t mastered this technique yet. Still at the junior level of braid-hood, like myself a lot of other people seemed to be interested in the fishtail! By interested, I mean really interested as this turned out to be the most asked beauty related question our dear Google had to answer this year. If you still haven’t figured it out yet, let us show you how and save you the trouble of asking once again.



2. How To Make Hair Grow Faster?

So apparently hair loss is a concern not only for middle-aged men, but for everyone else too! The second most asked question this year was interestingly based on hair growth and how to make it grow faster. Now, as per my research there are various ways to increase and speed up the process with natural methods, but obviously none of them work at super sonic speed.



3. How To Shape Eyebrows?

Okay so for this one us Indian girls have our trusted parlour lady at hand — however, for those times when you are too lazy to walk 2 steps to the salon, the internet has been a good friend and has stuck by our side. Whether you chose to thread, wax, or tweeze those little strays, getting your eyebrows on fleek was a massive thing this year!



4. How To Curl Hair?

Curling hair the right way has been an epidemic for a while — whether you want to do it heatless, with straighteners, or with curling tongs, we’ve all wanted to lock in those luscious curls and get them perfectly right. So when we cannot possibly hit those waves ourselves, we turned to Google for answers, and boy, did it figure things out for us.



5. How To Remove Gel Nails?

So this year, we escalated from acrylic nails to gel ones. Now, none of us seemed to have a problem with getting our digits on point with gel polishes and coats; however, when time doesn’t permit or you’re too lazy to get a touch-up, refill or even wait it out, what do you? You turn to the world wide web to help you poke, probe, and prod off that once perfect manicure. Our advice — DO NOT try it at home please, unless you want to rip-off the top coat of your nail,too!



6. How To Clean Makeup Brushes?

Ahh, for the times when you do not want to purchase some expensive electric washer for your brushes and the disinfectant soap just doesn’t seem to work on getting them back to their fluffy selves — we turned to Google. Tonnes of DIY videos out there show you how to clean your makeup brushes accurately, while getting all the dirt and grime out of the bristles. Go ahead, take your pick!



7. How To Apply Concealer?

The application of concealer has been questioned over the years — is it over the foundation, under it, do you apply it in a swoosh, or dots! The questions are endless. Being one of the basics of makeup and with 101 solutions out there, I can understand why this is one of the most asked beauty queries.



8. How To Get Rid Of Bags Under Your Eyes?

“The bags under my eyes are Chanel” doesn’t quite work for everyone, now does it? Coming in at number 8, people seem to be asking a lot about under-eye bags and dark circles. Looks like lots of people are overexerting themselves and not getting enough beauty sleep nowadays!



9. How To Fill In Eyebrows?

Continuing with the get-your-eyebrows-on-fleek trend, after shaping them, it’s time to fill them in and everyone seems to want to know how to do it right. There is a very fine line between looking like Cara Delevigne and looking perpetually surprised, and that line hides in your brows! So I can understand why this one was Googled.



10. What Is Balayage?

This question I can admit to asking Google myself — it took me a while to grasp the concept. So what is Balayage actually — it’s a technique of colouring your hair much like an ombre, in the sense that the colour graduates naturally in different gradients. Makes sense, or are you going to re-Google it?


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