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5 Budget Beauty Brands College Girls Are Gushing Over!

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The dinner date must be done. And you don’t always want the guy to pay. Movies must be watched, because you love being in the know. Netflix connection must be all paid up, ’cause TV shows, hello! Being in college means a bunch of commitments that can mop up any extra cash you may have, which means buying makeup either takes a backseat, or you veer towards brands that offer some stellar value for money.

We put together a list of makeup brands that college ‘it’ girls are raving about; they are pocket-friendly and high on performance. The best part: they translate wonderfully on the face.

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This brand is like a childhood friend that’s grown up with you. The brand has undergone a bunch of changes, but the price point has always stayed well within affordable. The Lakme eyeliner is a product we all used when we started experimenting with our winged liners.

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Elle 18

With Anushka Sharma endorsing it, and the price point being super attractive, Elle 18 is a fave with college girls everywhere. Plus, with them being pretty on the ball with their collections, there’s so much to love about this brand. A lipstick for Rs.100? We’ll take that.

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Wet N Wild

It took some time for this iconic brand to hit Indian shores but when it did, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on their products. From the foundation to the bronzer, they have a range that has us wanting so much more. Their cult product, the Wet N Wild highlighter is blinding, and the price is amazing, so there’s no excuse for not adding one of these to your collection. 

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Miss Claire

Every product from the stable of Miss Claire is fun, and comes at a really wallet-friendly price. There’s plenty in their range as well. They have base products, face products and all the essentials. But the best part? They do dupes of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams like no one else, and at Rs.295. *picks jaw off floor*

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This brand has been quietly making inroads into drugstore hauls and drugstore makeup videos everywhere. Essence has all the essentials and then some. Of course, their glittering eyeshadows have particularly caught our fancy and the pigment is spectacular. Just like the price point. Raise your hand if you need this in your life. Yes, that’s all of us. 

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