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Gajras Are So Last Season! These 8 Bridal Hairstyles With Flowers Are So Stunning And Fresh

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Ever wondered why the gajra is such an integral part of a bridal ensemble? According to Hindu mythology, gajras are an essential part of the solah shringaar, the sixteen beauty elements integral to dressing up – it was associated it with a bride – but now it’s just a part of going all out. Traditionally, the gajra was usually draped around tight braid or a bun. Jasmine flowers are the go-to to make these gajras, chosen for their quality of staying fragrant for a long time.

While the jasmine gajra remains the most popular hair accessory for brides, there have been many innovations in their styles and the flowers used. Floral hair styling for brides has evolved into an elaborate art with no rules and restrictions…and that is very exciting to us. From creating styles that highlight a single element of one’s joda to OTT looks for the brides who like all that drama and a bit more, there is something for everyone!

The bridal season always heralds with it the trend of floral hair accessories. But this year, we saw an early and sensational incoming of the gajra among the best and brightest of our fashion girls. And while the mogra buns like such…

…was the go-to for celebs, we broke down a few more unique styles to try on your big day instead!

The Kundan Special

Kundan jewellery is a wedding fashion staple that we see in most regions across the land. So for the brides who are craving the gajra yet need an upgrade, there’s a whole other range of white flowers that can replace it to match the bling.

The All-Over Florals

The all-over floral embellishments for hair reminds us of a beautiful day out in a meadow, which is exactly where this style with look the best. Outdoor weddings can really use the extra touch of floral and who better to provide that than the bride herself.

The Under-Bun

Intricate, stunning and lovely, the under bun is a great way to make heads turn without your own being weighed down. We love how this has been prettified with small red flowers.

The Bold And Unusual

Normally brides would refrain from experimenting too much on their big day. But when there are exciting new styles like such, why not. We love OTT green!

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The Single Side-Bun

For brides who like to keep it low-key, the side bun rose is a great go-to. This classic look reminds of beautiful yesteryear actresses and who wouldn’t want to look just a bit vintage! The rose adds so much class.

The Floral Replacement

A lot of brides replace their actual bling with floral makes for smaller rituals. A pretty floral band to replace your maang tikka or matha patti is perfect for the haldi and mehendi functions.

The Braided Blooms

The braided floral arrangement is not new for brides but instead of a criss-cross style, we are loving the scattered garden blooms and wildflowers instead.

The One With Just The Petals

How cool is this petal detailing on the bun? We can’t wait to try this for our own wedding!

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