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10 Beauty Gifts Under Rs 2,000 For Your Bride Bestie!

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If your best friend’s getting married and you’re looking to treat her to a bridal shower, some bachelorette favours, or if you want to show her some love in the form of skincare, beauty, and wellness, then here’s a quick guide to a few gift ideas under Rs 2,000. Easy on your pocket and she will LOVE them.


1. At-Home Face Spa

Give her the gift of beautiful indulgence with the Forest Essentials Facial Indulgence Gift Box. It’s got the whole deal — cleanser, toner, moisturiser, sunscreen, lip balm, and mist!

SHOP NOW: Forest Essentials Facial Indulgence Gift Box (Rs 1,875)


2. Sparkle!

Because…why not? This stack is for a true-blue makeup lover! The sky is the limit, if you’re creating looks with these glitters. It’ll be the prettiest addition to her beauty trousseau.

SHOP NOW: Faces Sparkle Dust Stackable (Rs 799)


3. A Glam Kit

Gift the bride-to-be an official touch-up kit with a pouch. She can carry this around during the wedding and use the case as a vanity pouch after.

SHOP NOW: Lakmé Get Your Glam On Kit (Rs 1,463)


4. What About The Morning After?

This one is tailormade for a wild bachelorette! This kit will take care of all your skincare woes, post a mad night of partying.

SHOP NOW: Anatomicals The Morning After Kit (Rs 1,025)


5. Lip Balm

It’s not just any lip balm, it’s the kind of lip balm that will make for the cutest party favours, EVER!

SHOP NOW: Coca-Cola Polar Bear Emojis Tin Box — 6 x Balms (Rs 1,025)


6. Bath Fizzers

Call them bath bombs or bath fizzers…or maybe just a super fun bubble bath?

SHOP NOW: Alice In Wonderland Bath Fizzers (Rs 477)


7. A Brush Set

Sometimes, when we’re talking about makeup, we forget the most important part: brushes. Brushes can make all the difference and take you from basic to pro!

SHOP NOW: Luxie Core Collection Makeup Brush Set (Rs 499)

8. Body Care

You can’t just exfoliate and moisturise your faces all day, can we? You’ve got to pamper the rest of your body too. A body polish makes for a great pre-bridal gift.

SHOP NOW: Votre Body Polishing Kit (Rs 1,340)


9. A Candle That Turns Into Massage Oil

Nope, I’m not kidding. This sweet-smelling treat melts into an aromatherapy oil that’s perfectly heated for a massage that will leave your skin nourished and supple.

SHOP NOW: Seasoul Coco Bliss Body Massage Candle (Rs 1,230)

10. Travel Companions

It gets difficult to pack entire, full-sized bottles into a suitcase, especially when you’re hurrying off to your honeymoon. Gift your bestie some organisational skills with these travel-friendly bottles into which she can squeeze out any of her skincare. Trust me, she’ll be thanking you during all her travels there on out.

SHOP NOW: Basicare Travel Bottles (Rs 215)


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