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Here’s How Zahra Is Staying Fuzz-Free This Summer

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Now that the woefully short-lived winter is behind us and Mumbai’s sweltering heat is already scorching us, it’s time to pack up those warm woollies and bring out the shorts, tank tops, and summer dresses. And since these barely-there outfits demand smooth, fuzz-free limbs, making that monthly (or twice-monthly) waxing appointment at your favourite parlour is back to being the need of the hour.

However, if you’re like me, you don’t necessarily have the patience nor the pro-activeness to make appointments and ensure your preferred didi is available to de-fuzz you. And while I prefer to fix home appointments over the weekend, I also can’t get over how inconvenient it is when you have a mid-week event but can’t wear a dress because waxing didi did not show. And honest to god, I HATE using razors. While they’re super convenient, I absolutely detest how pokey my hair grows out in a matter of days.

That’s when I decided I’d had enough of parlours, waxing didis, and razors. I did consider permanent laser hair removal but the cost is prohibitive. And I’d much rather spend that money on expensive skincare. Yes, I did just say that.

So that left me with just one other option: epilation. Now let me tell you that till last week, I’d never used an epilator in my life. Mostly because I’d heard how painful they were. I wish I hadn’t listened to all those naysayers.



Braun Silk-épil 7 SkinSpa Epilator_InPost_Hauterfly

Braun Silk-épil 7 SkinSpa SE7951 Epilator


Sick of all the waiting and hair removal options, I decided to invest in a good quality epilator and see for myself how good/bad they actually are. I bought the Braun Silk-épil 7 SkinSpa SE7951 Epilator from Nykaa last week and decided to give it a whirl. And boy, was I in for a surprise.

The epilator comes in a white and mauve body that’s handy and ergonomic, and has 4 attachments including a shaver, a trimmer, and two caps — one for epilating sensitive areas (like the bikini line and underarms) and one for the face. What’s more, it also comes with a high-frequency exfoliation brush head (NOT for the face). Seriously, all of that in one nifty little box. So now you don’t just aspire to fuzz-free skin but also one that’s super smooth and bereft of dead skin.

The Braun epilator has 40 tweezers that literally pull out the shortest of hairs on your arms and legs right from the roots. The device also features a Smartlight that allows you to see the finest of hairs, and a high-frequency massage system literally soothes your skin as you epilate. The best part? It can be used both dry and in the shower. And since it is cordless, it’s extremely safe and convenient. An hour-long charge gives you about 40 minutes of use that’s good to do both hands. My legs took a little longer though and an extra charge.

Now for the question that’s probably on your mind: does it hurt like a b***h? Umm, I’m not quite sure how to explain it to you other than to say it’s almost like threading — uncomfortable and nippy — but the pain is not unbearable. After a few minutes, I totally got used to it. The only thing I couldn’t get used to? How noisy the damn device is.

But that’s a small price to pay for such a great hair-removing tool. Seriously. This gadget is so convenient and idiot-proof that anyone can do this at home. Sure, it’s not as quick as waxing and does take a little longer, but it delivers the same smooth finish that will last up to four weeks.

Yes, it’s pricey. But think of all the money you’ll save from not waxing every month, and it will be an investment that worth it’s weight in gold!

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