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6 Kickass Braids That Are Perfect For Short Hair!

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So after successfully contradicting the notion that short hair can’t be styled, we’re ready for our next short hair challenge — braids! Yes, if you thought braids and short hair just don’t work well together, you’re mistaken. Unless you have a pixie cut (although Ruby Rose wears hers in an assortment of braids), there’s no reason why you can’t braid it. And so I’ve rounded up six amazing braids for short hair that look really, really pretty. Put those fingers to good use, ladies!


1. Crown Braid

One of the easiest ways to keep your fringe off your face is to put on a headband. But wouldn’t it be infinitely better to use your hair to create an intricate braided headband instead? This crown braid is an easy-to-make lace braid (half-French braid) that works especially well for summers. Remember to make a deep side part when you start braiding.


2. Boxer Braids

If Kim K wears her hair in a certain style, rest assured the world is bound to go crazy about it. Although I loved Kim’s tightly woven boxer braids a lot and would definitely wear it outside the gym, Scherezade Shroff’s loose Dutch braids are far more wearable because they don’t have a strong, intimidating look. Also, the undefined parting works to give this look a relaxed vibe.


3. Double Dutch Braid Updo

There’s no doubt loose, fanned out Dutch braids look beyond gorgeous, but if sporting two pigtails is not your scene then simply wear it in an updo. Easy-peasy, no? The best part is that you can easily take this style from the boardroom to an after-work party. I love such styles because they work for any occasion. Pull out a few face-framing pieces for a boho chic, music festival vibe.


4. Undercut Braid

The undercut is a very bold, strong look, and no matter how much I love it I just can’t bring myself to commit to one because I dread the growing out phase. A braided undercut seems like a pretty cool idea if you’re on the fence about getting the actual cut. What’s best is that it looks rad no matter what your hair length!


5. Boho Fishtail Braid

Unless you’re having trouble curling your hair, fast forward the video directly to 4:33 to get a lowdown on the pretty fishtail braid. I particularly like how Brittany pins the braid in such a way that her hair conceals the bobby pins. Take note girls, this is how you do it.


6. French Fishtail Hairband

If you’ve mastered the French braid and the fishtail braid, it’s time to take your skills to the next level with the French fishtail braid!

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