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We Just Found The Braided Ponytail Of Your Dreams!

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Ponytails can be deathly boring. Especially when you’ve run out of ideas and the only thing you can do to get your hair out of the way is to tie it in a ponytail. Yeah sure, it could be a high pony, or a low one, but the concept doesn’t change much.

Well, we’re all about inventing and looking out for super cool ideas to keep your hair game up to date. So when we spotted this, we simply couldn’t wait to share.


It’s certainly not your regular high ponytail. And it’s not even just a basic braided pony either. To tell you the truth, those are ponytail extensions and not even the models’ real hair. But since you don’t really get clip ons like these here, we decided to show you how to recreate the look using your own hair — yes, it’s totally doable!

Step 1: Do the obvious and tie a ponytail

If you have short hair, you’re obviously going to need extensions for this hairdo. But if your hair is long, go ahead and tie it in a ponytail. Curly-haired girls can first blow dry or iron their hair straight before they move on to the tying bit.

While you’re tying the pony, make sure you keep the front relaxed. Remove fly-aways on the sides to frame your face. Alternatively, this could also work as a sleek do.


Step 2: Section your ponytail

By section, I don’t mean divide it into two. From the bottom of your ponytail, remove a lock of hair, about half an inch thick. Now you could do one of three things. You could either wrap this lock around your hair elastic as it is and secure it under the ponytail with a bobby pin. Or you could braid this lock of hair, loosen it to make it a bit thicker, and then wrap that around your hair elastic. You could even skip the step altogether and wrap the elastic with a ribbon. Pick your style depending on how much time you have to actually do this.


Step 3: Get Braiding

The important factor that sets this braided ponytail apart from the rest is that they haven’t done a regular three-strand braid. That’s a fishtail braid you’re looking at, which is why the whole do looks so much cooler! Leave a little space between your hair elastic or scarf and start braiding it till the end. Once you’re done, you can roughen the strands up a bit and loosen them to make it a messy ponytail. Or keep it sleek, depending on the occasion.



Now a lot of you might not be familiar with how to do a fishtail braid, so here’s a useful tutorial to help you get the steps right.



Once you’re done, spritz it with your favourite holding spray and voilà — your ponytail will never be boring again!


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