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5 Braid Tutorials You Need To Try Right Now

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Who doesn’t love a good braid, am I right? It’s a pretty basic concept, you can wear it anywhere (even to school), and it’s that one go-to style for when your hair really isn’t behaving. Yes, even a six-year-old can make a simple one, but the world of braids is vast and versatile.

Once you get sick of the usual side-braids and fishtails, it’s time to get a little creative. I decided to hunt through all the hair tutorial accounts I follow on Instagram and found 5 super cool, elegant braids you can try. There’s one for every occasion and they’re all pretty simple to do.

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1. For a while, I thought those pretty milkmaid braids were really hard to do. Once you watch this, you’ll see that it’s super simple and, with the right accessories, it makes for the perfect festival do.


2. Sometimes you just want those thick luscious braids, but in reality, who even has that much hair on their heads? With this nifty trick, you can cheat your way into those enviously thick braids.


3. Now this is one style you can rock no matter what your hair type. It’s perfect for the lazy girl, since it’s not even a proper braid, just twisted all the way to the side!


4. Another one that’s not even a proper braid — it’s so much cooler! Take your rope of choice and just follow these instructions.


5. One part milkmaid and one part side braid — this is a recipe I’m definitely down to trying. Don’t miss the part where she threads the wisps of hair into the braid to make it more elegant.

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