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4 Reasons Why Body Sugaring Is Better Than Waxing!

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If there’s anything worse than going to the dentist, it’s going for a waxing appointment. I have super sensitive skin, and a trip to the salon leaves me with angry red skin and a dull mood. It doesn’t make for a pretty picture, folks! Like me, I’m sure that there are hundreds of you out there whose skin just can’t deal with hot wax. I totally understand how frustrating it is to see those red rashes sometimes transform into red bumps or welts. This is exactly why I’m super careful about using any kind of products on my skin. After all, I have to deal with the aftermath, don’t I?

So, when I heard about this new concept of body sugaring, I was curious. I surfed through every website possible and realized that this body sugar, which you can make on your own, is the solution I’ve been looking for. Body sugaring is 100% natural. Made out of lemon juice, sugar, water and in some cases honey, this thick paste is gently rolled onto the skin and removed with a flicking motion. If you have sensitive skin that is prone to allergies, rashes and the like, here are 4 reasons why you should switch to sugaring STAT!

1. Gets Rid Of In-Growth

This sugar paste does not stick to your healthy or live skin. It only adheres to dead skin cells. Because of this, the paste can penetrate the skin more effectively and removes the hair from the root. Body sugaring on a regular basis can definitely help you say goodbye to that ugly in-growth!

2. No Sticky Leftover Residue

We’ve all come back after a waxing appointment to find bits of wax still clinging to your skin. It’s frustrating, to say the least. With body sugaring, there’s no such issue. The paste is completely water soluble and is easier to remove than regular wax. A bit of lukewarm water and one big swipe is all you need!

3. The Effects Last Longer

Believe it or not, the effects of body sugaring can last up to 6 weeks. When you’re waxing, the hair can just break off at the surface. But not with sugaring. This method ensures that the hair is pulled out right from the root, making your hair grow back after a longer period of time.

4. Lower Chances Of Skin Inflammation

This thick, almost magical paste suits every skin type. But it works especially well for those with sensitive skin. If your skin breaks out in a rash or an inflammation every so often (like mine), opt for sugaring. It prevents redness and inflammation because it is made with natural ingredients minus any of the additives in regular wax.


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