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This Eyebrow Pencil Gives Zahra Brows Like Whoa!

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It’s been a few years since British supermodel-turned-actress Cara Delavigne burst onto the scene with her massively bushy brows. She singlehandedly redefined the hashtag #EyebrowsOnFleek, shifting our collective consciousness towards fuller, bolder brows that are now the trend du jour in the beauty world.

But if you’re not blessed with naturally bushy brows or have overplucked them into oblivion (seriously though, put away that tweezer!), a trusty eyebrow product can be the difference between a well-polished look and an overly-drawn-out one. The idea is to give your brows a natural look, and not to look like a character out of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

And one of the best ones I’ve tried so far has to be Bobbi Brown’s Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil. Now let me be honest here: this brow pencil is a bonafide splurge, and there are definitely cheaper products in the drugstore that you could buy without breaking the bank. However, Bobbi Brown’s brow pencil comes in an array of well-thought-out shades and its convenient design makes it stand out from the crowd. However, it’s the long-wear formula and performance that totally justifies the price in my eyes.



Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil


If other brow products have let you down in the past, I suggest you give this one serious consideration. The angled pencil has an easy-to-use, retractable design with a spoolie at the other end to sculpt your brows into place. If you want natural-looking volume and definition, this works really well (although if you like creating fine, hair-like strokes, this isn’t for you).

Now coming to the formula: it’s neither too creamy nor too stiff — just somewhere in between that leaves your eyebrows looking soft, full, and natural. I love this, as opposed to other pencils that leave them looking either too waxy or flat out matte. The colour is buildable, which means it’s perfect for beauty novices who aren’t too sure of whether they’re doing their eyebrows right. No more mishaps of putting on your brow product super intense on the first try! What’s more, the waterproof formula lasts perfectly well, even in Mumbai’s perennially humid weather.

While I concede that it’s definitely an expensive brow product, I’ve found that it’s one of the best brow pencils to withstand humidity, stays on for a really long time, and its waxy formula means it doesn’t just fill up sparse patches, but also doubles up as a brow-taming gel. With so many pluses to back it up, there’s little else I want in a brow product that does what it says.

SHOP NOW: Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Long-Wear Brow Pencil (Rs 3,800)*
* Available at Bobbi Brown stores.


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