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The Lip Colour That’s Making Baishali Feel Like Royalty

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I’m going through a dark lips phase — the darker, the better. There’s something so sensual, mysterious, and super haute about dark lips that I’m fully in love. I know most people opt for dark lips for nights out and evening soirees, but I don’t care — I can wear dark lips any time, ERRYDAY. Yes, even to work.

So I’m constantly on the lookout for delicious dark hues that I can slather on my lips, preferably in matte textures — they last longer and the colour payoff is always richer. And I’ve basically found my new obsession in the Bobbi Brown Blackberry Lip Colour.


This shade truly looks like royalty. I’m immediately transported to a huge ballroom with a red-carpeted wide spiral staircase, from which I’m descending in a princess gown and this lipstick…ah, the life. The great thing about this lippie is that it’s semi-matte, which means I’ll get my preferred matte finish without it drying out my lips and peeling off. It glides on comfortably and stays on pretty much all day, maybe with just one retouch needed. A product that looks great, feels good, and is low maintenance? Yes, please.

Sure, it’s a bit pricey, but hello, it’s a Bobbi Brown so I know I’m getting a bang for my buck. Plus my lipsticks last me a while, so this is a splurge that’s totally worth it. I’m off for my evening soiree in my blackberry lips. Try it and send me your selfies too! Ta!

SHOP NOW: Bobbi Brown Lip Colour in Blackberry (Rs 2,250)


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