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Are LED Eyelashes The Next Big Bizarre Beauty Trend You Need To Try?

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Okay, we’ve just about mastered the faux lashes trend and now they’re throwing us a curve ball with this? But you know me, I’m forever fascinated with every beauty fad and trend that comes and goes. I can’t get enough of them, bizarre or not! So, in today’s segment of bizarre beauty trends, we’re over feather brows and are heading straight for LED faux lashes.


These literally lit lashes first made an appearance at the Maker Faire. If you’re wondering what that is, it’s a science fair of sorts that’s held around the world. Amongst the creative minds that created this wonder is designer Tien Pham. The lashes have been termed F. Lashes, but unfortunately, haven’t been launched yet.


F.lashes – Fun Interactive LED Eyelashes 发布于 2017年5月22日

Why? Well, they’re looking for funding, so if you need this to be a reality, like I do, go onto their kickstarter page and donate! The lashes are lightweight, worn like any other pair of falsies, and have different modes. Take a look.


Until recently, we didn’t know we needed them and now, we can’t go back. The LED lashes redefine the term ‘starry-eyed’, and if bringing attention to your eyes is the look you’re opting for, well…it doesn’t get bigger than this.


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