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6 Bizarre Tools Beauty Bloggers Have Used To Apply Makeup

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We’ve all seen it. It’s all over Instagram, Youtube, and what not. Sometimes, bloggers take their creative juices to the next level and use bizarre and never-seen-before tools and methods to apply their makeup. Since our last ‘bizarre’ countdown, we’ve seen some new additions. In the last few years, we’ve seen everything from knives to tampons.

Here’s a countdown of 6 more weird tools beauty bloggers across the world are using.

1. Tampon Sponge

This one? Doesn’t work so much, or even if it does, what’s really the point? Oh well, a blogger’s got to do what she’s got to do, I guess. Ashley made big headlines with her tampon blender hack. Needless to say, not too many people were left impressed.

2. Condom Sponge

So, this one? Hmmm, I’m not going to comment. Manny & Jeffrey tested it out. Have a look. They really seem to be enjoying fooling around with the condom while trying this hack. It does save product and it keeps your beauty blender sort of disinfected.


3. Knife Liner

I mean, I’m sure this works, but please avoid knives near your eyes…please! There are various other hacks to achieving a sharp eyeliner. My best bet? Practice makes perfect.


4. Silicone Bra Pads

This came from the whole Silisponge trend. While I like the Silisponge, it doesn’t work for all occasions, so if you don’t want to spend, give this a try. While some swear by the silicone sponges, a lot of bloggers prefer sticking to their good old beauty blender.


5. Panty Liners

Yes, fallout is a real problem, especially if you’re opting for a heavy eyeshadow look, but pads? Hmm, why not? Instead of spending on stick-ons that are specifically made for this purpose, a pad or panty liner is a cheaper alternative.


6. Business Card

This is one I agree with. Have a card lying around? Make the most of it! It can be used as a mascara hack, to ensure the lashes don’t touch your eyes and can even be used to create sharp liner looks. Search for ‘card makeup hacks’ and you’ll see plenty of options.


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