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The Viral Beauty Trends That Defined 2015

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The year gone by threw up quite a few beauty trends our way, and for the most part they were good. As 2015 comes to a close, Hauterfly rounds up some of the most epic trends that defined 2015.


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1. Contouring

Whether we’d like to admit to it or not, we’ve been fascinated by Kim Kardashian’s make-up routine. Understandably, the live master class she held in August with her longtime make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic about her contouring techniques exploded on social media. Suddenly, looking unbelievably chiselled became THE thing. Make-up companies released contour kits to cash in on the mania and Instagram was never the same again.      

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2. Strobing

So while beauty vloggers raked in the moolah with a million page views on their contouring tutorials and the rest of us mortals struggled with the same, we got another trend — or rather, an old technique in new packaging — ala Strobing.


Baby, vem no blog ver como fazer o #bakingmakeup e em menos de 10 minutos ficar linda e com a pele iluminada! ❤️❤️❤️

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3. Baking

Certainly not a new technique by any stretch of imagination, Baking has been used by the Drag community for many years. Simply put, baking or “cooking” your make-up means applying thick layers of loose powder after your foundation and concealer and letting it sit on your face for half an hour or so. It helps set your make-up such that it won’t budge for several hours. But it can be intensely drying. Thanks, but no thanks.      

4. Ombré Lips

Also known as Lip Contouring, this is one kind of contouring we aren’t complaining about. Ombré lips are pretty easy to do, using dark and light lip colours from the same colour family and creating a darkened effect around the outer corners. It makes your lips pop without having to resort to lip fillers.


@kylie.vogue.. Hair by @tokyostylez and makeup by @makeupbyariel wearing none other than #kylielipkit

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5. Brown Lips

We knew we were in the midst of a ’90s revival, but Kylie’s Lip Kit has cemented the fact that the trend is here to stay. Over the last few months, we’ve spotted quite a few celebrities sporting some interesting variations of brown tempting us to grab a brown lippie as well.    

Vamp ? A photo posted by Huda Kattan (@hudabeauty) on

6. Overlining

A trend largely spearheaded by Kylie Jenner, it wouldn’t be too much to say that the year 2015 belongs to the youngest Kardashian-Jenner girl. So much so, that her lips have developed a personality of their own. After denying using lip fillers for the longest time, Jenner finally admitted to getting them along with overlining her lips for a fuller pout. Read here for how to work a pout like hers.


7. Graphic Eyeliner

While the winged-tip eyeliner is still going strong (and why shouldn’t it? It’s versatile, pretty, and fail-safe), Graphic Eyeliner is a trend we’ve seen on quite a few runways. Whether it’s eyeball-grabbing dramatic or easy-on-the-eyes subtle, graphic liner is one trend we totally approve of. Here’s a graphic eyeliner look that you can easily wear.        

8. Clumpy Lashes

This was an unexpected one. Honestly, we never thought this could ever become a thing. For years we’ve been told that clumping your lashes while applying mascara shows poor make-up skills. This year though has been a turnaround in the eyelash game, and has proved that when done right clumpy lashes can be beautiful.


Thank you @burberry @panmovie @wbpictures

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9. Bold Brows

Like with contouring, cosmetic companies cashed in on the bold brows trend and released a host of brow products. So while Cara Delevingne continues to be the patron saint of full, lush bold brows, we’re glad that people on social media aren’t going overboard drawing giant tarantulas on their forehead. Here’s all you need to do to bring your over-plucked brows back to life.        

10. Highlights Reinvented

Balayage, Babylights, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Hand Pressed Colour… do we really need more new names for something that’s more or less the same thing? While the technique might differ mildly, all of the above are practically the same thing by different names. You probably know of them as highlights, yes?


A close up shot at @mimumika galaxy hair. #periwinkle #empireplaywithcolors #charminghairworks #ombre #galaxyhair

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11. Galaxy Hair

A spin-off to the unicorn hair trend from 2014, rainbow hair got an upgrade in the form of galaxy hair. Ethereal and breath-taking is the word for some of the pictures on Instagram and Pinterest. However, its maintenance and upkeep are not everyone’s cup of tea.        

Stunner || #blohautestyle ? @shannicat ?? @brittanyhinrichs A photo posted by @blohaute on

12. Half-Up Topknots

The ‘It’ girl hairstyle, half-up top knots are the more casual, relaxed, boho sisters of the topknot. Why do we love it so much? The fact that it is punk and takes all of 30 seconds to make. Isn’t that reason enough for something as boho as the half-topknot? Read more on easy hairstyles here.


13. Embracing Texture

Though we’d seen this coming, model Maria Borges sealed the deal. When Borges walked the runway for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in her natural hair, we knew this moment would go down in history because VS has always been known for its fixation with long, tousled waves through the years. This is one trend we need to see more of. Honestly, the daily rigour of using hot tools is getting a little much.

What did you think of this list? Did we miss out on anything? Sound off in the comments below.


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