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#HauteHacks: 5 Reasons Why Curd Is Your Beauty Buddy!

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Unless you are lactose intolerant, curd is something that will bring back loads of fond memories. From our mothers giving us a spoonful before an exam to curd-rice being the ultimate comfort meal, it has always been an integral part of Indian households. Chop some fruits into it and it becomes the perfect evening snack; it’s even the best accompaniment for biryani and paranthas — curd is a superfood that is healthy and tasty.

Apart from being a part of a million food recipes, curd finds place in being beneficial for our skin and hair too! Yes, the ingredient that was sitting in your fridge all this time works as a multi-talented beauty hack, too! Right from clearing the skin to acting as a natural moisturiser, there is hardly anything it can’t do.

Check out these 5 reasons to welcome curd in your beauty world!

1. Provides A Natural Glow

High in vitamin C, curd leaves a glow on your face that lasts a long time. It clears out any dirt that may have collected on the surface and helps smoothen out your skin tone

2. Treats Hair Frizz

A long day at work and a tiring journey in the train can make you sweaty, with your hair resembling a bird’s nest; rough and dying. Well, worry not! Curd acts like a moisturiser for your hair, too. It tames the frizz and makes your mane silky and shiny. Good hair day, everyday!

3. Anti-Ageing Remedy

Rich in Vitamin D and calcium, curd ensures that you have healthy and happy skin! Wrinkles are scared of this super ingredient, as it has the power to reduce them almost instantly. Say goodbye to freckles by making a quick and simple face pack of curd and a dash of honey.

4. Reduces Dandruff

Afraid of wearing black because of some tiny white particles that live in your head? It’s time to ask them to leave by massaging your scalp with curd an hour before you wash your hair. Not only will the dandruff reduce drastically, your hair will feel lighter and fresher, too.

5. Reduces Tanning

Beaches are so relaxing but they send us home with return gifts and that is, layers of tan! Get rid of it by applying this genius ingredient with a drizzle of lemon juice. Your skin will be glowing again in no time!



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