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Beauty Enthusiasts, Tom Ford Beauty products are giving us major feels!

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Thomas Carlyle Ford, famously and fashionably known as Tom Ford has just given all the women in India a reason to celebrate. Why, you wonder?

That’s because we can’t get enough of the Tom Ford Beauty products ranging from lips, eyes, bronzers, blushers and more, that have been available in your nearest Sephora India stores for a while now. Does that mean what we think it means? Yes it does. No more online ordering or wondering what that shade might look like on you. Just hop into your nearest Sephora store and knock yourself out.

Here’s what we simply love from their collection:

The Bronzers

What we love: The Ultimate Bronzer

Available in two colours, this bronzer is silky when applied. It smoothens your skin beautifully and gives it an all-natural look.

The Eyes Of Tom Ford Collection

What we love: Tempete Blue Eye Shadow

Luxurious, beautiful and oh-so-chic, the colour will bring your eyes alive rather dramatically.

Lip Lacquer

What we love: La Vie En Rouge

The Lacquers have a range of colours but our favourite is the La Vie En Rouge. It’s bold, it’s bright, it’s beautiful.

The Foundation

What we love: The Complexion Enhancing Primer

Available in two shades, the Pink Glow and the Peach Glow, this hydrating primer gives your skin a smooth, flawless complexion. The best part? It’s known to brighten your skin brilliantly.

The Cheek Colours

What we love: The Shade And Iluminate Cheeks

Available in two colours – Scintillate and Sublimate – this highlights and shades your cheeks in one go. The colours are vibrant but you can tone it down if you choose to.

All the categories above have a range of shades, so you’re quite literally spoilt for choice. We know we are!


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