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7 Reasons Why Cinnamon Should Be Your New Best Friend!

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If anyone asked me what my favourite spice was, I’d say cinnamon. While I agree that not everyone really has a favourite spice, I can’t help but vouch for cinnamon. There is just something wildly thrilling and exotic about the aroma of this spice. What’s more, when sprinkled over a hot drink or a fresh bun, it tastes just like paradise in your mouth!

Cinnamon has been used in Ayurvedic medicine since time immemorial to cure ailments such as the flu, stomach problems, and even more life-threatening ones. Apart from these health benefits, cinnamon actually has tons of other benefits as well. Right from skincare to hair care, this little brown stick is capable of a lot. Read on to know more about the 7 amazing benefits of cinnamon.

1. Treats Acne

Are you prone to a massive breakout of those dreaded pimples? Don’t reach for those creams anymore. A dusting of cinnamon powder over the affected area can really help. Cinnamon helps promote oxygen and blood flow to all parts of the skin, thereby reducing chances of another breakout. This works best if you mix the cinnamon powder with a teaspoon of honey or lemon juice.

2. Prevents Hair Fall

Tired of seeing strands of your hair falling all over the place? Well, cinnamon can help fight this problem too! All you need is a handful of cinnamon powder that you can rub into your scalp. You can mix this with a bit of coconut oil. Since cinnamon enhances blood circulation in the body, the scalp and roots get thoroughly nourished. As a result, hair fall can reduce drastically.

3. Heals Rashes

Having skin that is, more often than not, seized by a series of angry red rashes is a total pain. The remedy? Apply a mixture of cinnamon powder and honey to the affected area. It’ll soothe your skin and get rid of the root of the problem.

4. Treats Dry Skin

Dry skin needs a lot of care and attention. Cinnamon can help remove dead skin cells that lead to dry skin. This helps in replenishing your skin from within. What’s more, your skin will look shinier and feel softer than ever before.

5. Natural Highlights

Do you secretly wish to have hair that looks naturally sun-kissed and a little lighter? Instead of traipsing off to the salon, head over to the kitchen for some cinnamon! I’m not kidding. Cinnamon contains lightening properties that can work really well on hair. All you need to do is mix an equal amount of cinnamon powder with your regular conditioner and apply it on your tresses. You can leave this mixture on overnight, covered securely with a shower cap, and rinse it off the next day. Say hello to naturally coloured hair!

6. Reduces Fine Lines

Cinnamon can help you get rid of those worrisome fine lines. This spice, as I have already mentioned, stimulates healthy blood flow, bringing blood to the surface of the skin. A mixture of cinnamon powder and olive oil, when applied over fine lines, can easily plump out the skin and smooth ’em wrinkles away!

7. Gets Rid Of Sun Tan

Due to its lightening properties, cinnamon can help you get your much-loved complexion back, after a nice long beach holiday! A combination of cinnamon and lemon juice can be applied over your tanned skin and must be left on until it dries. Wash it off and do this regularly, if you really want to get rid of that sun tan.


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