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Mansi Can Finally Colour Her Hair With This Temporary Spray

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I’ve been wanting to colour my hair for the longest time, but my mum hasn’t let me do so. I know I’m a modern woman, an adult, and by now I should be taking my own decisions, but asserting yourself after years of parental authority is a long process — or rather a struggle — and in some cases a battle. Don’t judge me!

My mother’s primary concern has been the damage my hair will suffer if I colour it. However, I don’t understand the fuss because girls in my college would change their hair colour so often without going bald. I really don’t know why Indian women freak out at the thought of chemical treatments. Regardless, while I wait for my mum to finally wrap her head around letting me colour my hair, I’ve found the perfect solution – temporary hair colour!

BBlunt launched its range of temporary hair colours last year. Of the five shades — which include blue velvet, emerald green, blush pink, copper, and bronze — I love blue velvet the most.


BBLUNT One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour Blue Velvet_Hauterfly

BBLUNT One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour in Blue Velvet


I’ve always wanted a colour that’s bold and brazen — one that suits my personality! While copper and bronze are beautiful, they are too staid for my liking. Green doesn’t show up as brightly as blue and pink do. Also, pink is too girly and so I’m up for some blue lovin’ instead. This colour is unbelievably easy to use. All you have to do is shake the can well and spray it along a chunk of hair until you have covered every strand thoroughly. And voila! you are done. The colour lasts until the next hair wash. This sounds like the perfect thing to maintain peace at home while letting me indulge in my beauty vanities!

Colour without commitment? I’m on board.

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