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The Curler That’s Going To Give Tatiana Luscious Locks

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When I was younger, I used to complain about my hair type a lot — it’s a combination of wavy and straight, but not poker straight. Obviously whilst in school, using styling tools or hair products were a total no-no, which made me hate my locks even more. As soon as the flat-iron became a thing and I turned old enough to use it, I did. Whether it was a friend’s day out, a birthday, or even to go shopping, I used to flatten out those waves no matter what the occasion.

Eventually, I got bored and learnt to go with the flow and realised that the waves actually looked way better than my hair being plain ol’ straight. And thus began my love for embracing my natural waves along with a couple of curls when styling my hair! Now I can appreciate my waves, because whatever way I style my tresses, it remains and does not elasticise back to its normal self.



BaByliss Curl Secret Ionic Hair Curler


I have tried curling tongs, wands, and rollers, but nothing seems as easy breezy as the BaByliss Curl Secret Ionic Curler. As you can see, this is a very Frankenstein-esque looking device. However, it pretty much sucks in your strands (this will seem scary at first, but trust me!) and spits out a perfect curl! Yep, without the twisting, twirling and burning bits of your finger and ear, the Curl Secret is such a pleasure to use every single time. Your hair basically gets sucked into a ceramic plate chamber that blows out heat in every direction, whilst twisting your hair! Sounds magical, doesn’t it?!

Well, I know I have mentioned my love for beauty tools before, but unfortunately this piece hasn’t made it to my shelf yet — I have only tried it a couple of times at a friend’s place. However, I shall not fret as Christmas is around the corner and I’ve added this to my under-the-tree wishlist. Friends and family, I hope to see this on the 25th, yeah?

SHOP NOW: BaByliss Curl Secret Ionic Hair Curler (Rs 11,196)


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