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Ayushmann Khurrana Talks About Stubbles, Hair Extensions And 3 Hours On The Makeup Chair And It’s Hilarious!

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All couples fight and about a lot of things but this one is an argument that cuts across boundaries and languages…a significant other getting mad at them for taking “forever” to get ready! No matter what kind of a girl we are on the daily, a special occasion shall always warrant extra effort from our end. Which means a full face of prepped and painted look, and hair done-up in a style which might have taken a 20-minute Youtube tutorial to follow. It is not just us mere mortals who understand the hustle, actresses have to spend hours in hair and makeup on the daily and one man has gotten a taste of it. In a recent BTS video shared by producer Ekta Kapoor, we see a close-shaven Ayushmann Khurrana transform into a woman and it is so charming!

Ayushmann is all set to take on the role of woman in his next film Dream Girl, the trailer for which has already caused a lot of chatter. The actor is the first mainstream name to do drag on-screen NOT-ironically and we, as women, will be watching (and judging) it closely!

The video shared by Kapoor shows the hair and makeup department work their magic on Khurrana and it is so fun to watch. With quick-witted quips about having to stay stubble-free, hair extensions and cold kamarbands, we love the actor for going all out and really commit to the role. The fact that male actors take this huge aspect of being a woman in cinema for granted dawned on us with Ayushmann’s fabulous eyebrows. Oh, what it would have felt like to be a fly on the wall and see the terrified look on the actor when he first saw an eyelash curler. Nushrat Bharucha, who plays the second female lead in the film, chimes in with her experience as well and we feel you girl!

Dream Girl is definitely shaping up to be an interesting watch indeed. Most of it has to do with the actor’s unique prep to play a male lead with fluid masculinity. In an interview, he confessed, “I had to deliver 25 percent of my dialogues in a woman’s voice. Since I come from a radio background, it’s easier for me to modulate my voice. I have spent years behind the mic, mimicking different people. Raaj had given me the references of a few men, who prank people by talking like a woman. I studied those videos extensively. The biggest challenge was to crack the right note. As a guy, I have a natural [deep] baritone and that makes it difficult to sound convincing as a woman. To transition between voices was challenging, but it wasn’t one bit exhausting. I am naturally drawn to different characters, so this was an adventure”, he elaborated. Major props to Ayushmann for not holding back, us ladies are glad to be his allies!

The film is set to hit the theatres on 13th September 2019 and we are taking our man along!

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