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#AskHauterfly: What Is Eyeshadow Foiling?

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Foiling is basically a makeup technique that requires your eyeshadow pigment to be of thicker consistency, in order to create a more opaque and almost metallic texture and wet finish. You usually do this by wetting your brush, sort of like how you would whilst painting on paper or canvas, and then apply the shadow to your lids. Another way of doing this is by adding some eye drops to your lose pigments and mixing it to form a moist ‘paint’. The thicker, the better!

The liquid forms a metallic paste, so when the shadow is applied to the eyelid, it looks super pigmented and shiny. Now, do keep in mind that it is a lot more feasible to try this out on a lose pigment rather than using your eyeshadow palette. You obviously would want to use them as powder as well, therefore we (and YouTube makeup guru, ‘Makeup Geek’) suggest that you scrape out a bit of the colour from your palette into a tray or pot and then foil it!

Watch her tutorial below to find out more on how you can foil your pigments.


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